Dragons is a 3D animated trilogy that tells the adventures of Harold, a young viking, and his dragon Toothless. Children will be delighted to rediscover the whole world of cartoons through the Dragons figurines. Some models are able to flap their wings or launch a projectile, and are sometimes equipped with removable armour. With the figurines of the other main characters, such as Harold or Astrid, children can recreate the biggest scenes of the saga or invent new ones. For example, they can recreate Toothless and Hiccup's battle with Grimmel and his dragon Agrippemort in Dragons 3, the last part of the saga.

To prolong the fun, more Dragon Toys are available at DRAGONYZ. For example, you can find puzzles in classic or 3D format that help develop fine motor skills, concentration, and improve your child's spatial cues. There are also board games to dive into the world of dragons with family or friends. Thanks to the educational games, the youngest can learn or review important concepts such as shapes, numbers and colours, while having fun with their favourite heroes. Toothless toys such as plush toys and Playmobil boxes are also particularly popular with little cartoon fans.