Dragon plush toys appeal to young and old alike. For the youngest ones, they are cuddly toys that allow them to feel less alone and to have a companion to hold close to them at all times. Older children love dragon plush for playing and later as a decorative item. Some of the toys available from Dragonyz are specially designed for the little ones, with both a shape that develops alertness and an absence of small elements that could come off. But there's no age to love dragon plush, and you probably won't be indifferent to our plush shop!

The dragon plush that will be favoured for play will often be the ones that represent your children's heroes. To offer a dragon plush that can stay in your child's room when they grow up and be a decorative element, you can turn to the big plush toys: they can snuggle in when they're small, and they will later be reassuring babysitters who will watch over them at night.