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The Dragon Painting is an essential decoration to obtain a personalized living room according to your tastes and to impose your unique style. At Dragon Ardent you will find the painting you need with the effigy of the dragons: our dragon paintings are the best you can find on the internet, and they are the subject of a rigorous selection in order to meet the demands of our customers as best as possible.

A unique painting to suit all tastes

With the wide choice offered by our shop, you will find the painting you need or that your interior needs. It will bring a warmth to your living room and will make your guests feel at home. Don't forget to subscribe to the Dragon Ardent newsletter to keep up to date with the latest dragon news.

The symbolism of the dragon painting

The dragon is a legendary animal, which is revered and sometimes feared in certain geographical areas. For example, for Christians, especially in Europe, the dragon has been feared for millennia because it is often associated with evil with direct connotations of the Devil and Lucifer.

However, in Asia, especially China, Japan and Vietnam, it is the complete opposite: the dragon represents yin and yang. Its yin side refers to water (sea dragon), and its yang side refers to fire, warmth and wealth. The dragon is also a true symbol of power, it is often found in decorations (such as the dragon painting), jewelry, accessories that our dragon shop has. It is THE symbol of the emperors and the armour of Japanese and Chinese generals.

Treat yourself to a magnificent dragon painting from our varied collection: you will immediately see that it will sublimate your room, and bring a kind of appeasement and respect to this magnificent creature.