Discover our collection of dragon earrings of the most original or most fantastic.

They have all been carefully selected to bring you the greatest satisfaction.


Whether you are looking for a unique earring or a pair of earrings in the world of the dragon, we have what you need.

The unique and original earrings represent dragons that are often rebellious or protective. They wrap themselves around your ear cartilage as if they were sitting there before going back into battle or ready to attack the one who would come to challenge you. Some of these earrings have a cuff for an extra touch of femininity and easier fastening.

These single earrings are also available with the pierced lob. In this case, the dragon's tail is housed in your lob for an even more realistic look.

Whether the dragon has its wings spread out, in profile or on its back, the whole body or just the head and legs shown, going up to your ear or down, these earrings are available in different colours: glossy black, matt black, gold or silver.

The material used is a zinc alloy which is therefore hypoallergenic.

Whatever the style you adopt, you will inevitably find the jewel that suits you: gothic, rebel, punk, rock, bohemian, chic, ethnic ...

We also have pairs of earrings representing the eye of the dragon, its scales or the whole body in white on black relief, in stainless steel. These are suitable for both women and men, and there is no need to have the lob pierced because these jewels are available with a magnetic clasp.

You who are fan of cosplay, antique or not, you who like to disguise yourself, the earrings "glow in the dark" can be an excellent accessory to complete your costume.

At birthday parties, Christmas parties or when you simply want to give a gift to someone close to you, dragon earrings are an ideal gift idea that will please.