Wyvern (Wivernes Or Wyverns) And The Legend Of Maud De Mordiford

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Wyvern (Wivernes Or Wyverns) And The Legend Of Maud De Mordiford

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Wyverns are fearsome creatures, similar to a dragon.

  • Description

It was in Europe in the Middle Ages that wyverns (wivernes or wyverns) appeared in legends. Reminiscent of dragons, they are distant cousins and speak the draconian.


They are smaller and have only two legs and a pair of bat-like wings attached to their upper limbs, like dragons that have four legs and wings attached to their backs. Their tails are like that of a scorpion, poisoned and able to sting and mow its enemies. Sometimes the tips of their wings with claws are described.

  • Wyvern


They are often confused with vouivres, whose name also comes from the word viper. This is because the legend of the wyverns is inspired by the legend of the vouivres. But in the end, they are very different creatures. As mentioned, wyverns look a little like a dragon, while vouivres look like large snakes.

  • Wyverns & Dragons

  • Behaviour

They are very offensive creatures associated with war and destruction. They are certainly much less dangerous than a dragon because they do not have blast attacks and are rather stupid. However, it is not to be outdone, as they are extremely violent, voracious and relentless. Thus they have often been a military symbol on flags and shields, especially in England.

  • Mordiford's wyvern

There is a legend in this country, the legend of the Mordiford wyvern. She tells how near this village, a girl named Maud found a lost and frightened baby animal in the woods. She took him home and her parents, immediately recognizing a kind of dragon, ordered her to take it back to where she had found it. Not wanting to obey them, Maud pretended to take him back to the woods and hid him in a cave. Every day she went to see him, bringing him milk and to play with him.

Mordiford wyvern

Over the weeks, the animal grew very quickly, its body covered with thick scales, its bat wings developed and its tail grew to a terrible stinger. His wyvern nature was no longer in doubt and the creature now refused the milk Maud brought him. She began to come out of the cave to hunt cattle and what was to happen happened: she eventually attacked the farmers and took a liking for their flesh.

Mordiford wyvern

While everyone wanted to stop the wyvern's attacks, Maud tried to change her behaviour. However, this was lost in advance, the nature of the wyvern dominating her behaviour. Maud did not lose hope and when one of the inhabitants took charge of killing the beast and defeated it, having only to finish it, Maud threw stones at it to repel it. But it was too late, the wyvern was dying and died soon after.

"Even a wyvern can be touched by a little girl's innocent love"

- Love overcoming a dragon, A. Beau


  • Literature: Forgotten Kingdoms
  • Role-playing games: Dungeons and Dragons (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Video games : Fire Emblem (Nintendo), World of Warcraft (Blizzard), Final Fantasy XIV (Square Enix)


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