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Of all mythological creatures, dragons have always occupied a prominent place in popular culture. Evil or not, with huge wings or spitting fire,

These are the ten most striking dragons on the big screen.

10. The Imoogis (Dragon Wars: D-War)


We don't look at Dragon Wars: D-War for its story inspired by an old Korean legend, nor for the approximate acting of its actors, but for its stylized dragons, called the Imoogis. With the charm of old Godzilla (but with much higher special effects), this B-series movie where giant saurians wipe out a good part of Los Angeles is a real guilty pleasure.

9. Saphira (Eragon)


Behind her blue scales (a color not very common among representatives of her species) and her menacing appearance, Saphira hides a good heart, a lot of wisdom, and a unique telepathic connection with the young Eragon, from whom she literally steals the movie's star. Benefiting from magnificent animations, Saphira is also one of the rare dragons who wears armor during fights. Cool.

 8. Vermithrax Pejorative (Dragonslayer)


In the category of evil saurians that feed exclusively on young virgins, it is hard to find a worse species than Vermithrax Pejorative. The filmmakers took up a challenge in 1981 by handcrafting the imposing beast, which reached sixteen feet high and thirty feet wide when its wings were spread. No wonder the dragon earned Dragonslayer an Oscar nomination.

7. Falkor (The NeverEnding Story)


If Falkor is not very similar to the idea of a dragon, it is because the charming creature with a dog's head is part of the lucky dragon species. Regardless of its singular appearance, all the young people who watched The NeverEnding Story imagined themselves taking Atreyu's place on his back during one of the film's majestic celestial rides.

6. The Magyar with points (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)


Practically covered by Hagrid in the first part of the series, Norbert, the baby dragon, may be cute, but he is no match for the spiky Magyar Harry Potter will face in Goblet of Fire. Dissatisfied enough to see his eggs stolen during the Three Wizards Tournament, the Magyar will prove beyond any doubt that he is the most dangerous dragon in the whole franchise.

5. Draco (DragonHeart)


Draco and his accomplice have developed a profitable scheme. The dragon flies over a village with a few fireballs, then his knight friend pretends to kill him. After collecting the reward, the crooks start the same ride again in the next village. Funny and touching, DragonHeart features the most human of all dragons. The fact that Sean Connery lends him his voice doesn't hurt either.

4. Krokmou (How To Train Your Dragon)

Krokmou (How To Train Your Dragon)

Between the Gronk who spits lava balls or the Hideux Braguettaure with two heads, flying creatures are certainly not lacking in the small village of Berk. The one that dragon lovers are most eager to find in the sequel to How To Train Your Dragon is obviously Krokmou, the Night Fury in the eyes of cats who developed a special relationship with the young Harold in the first film.

3. The Moorwen (Outlander)

The Moorwen (Outlander)

Adapted very freely from the myth of Beowulf, Outlander sheds new light on dragons by attributing them extraterrestrial origins. Freed from its cage after the crash of the spaceship carrying it, the Moorwen, a fierce creature from another planet, will wreak such havoc in Norway in 709 that the Vikings will assume it is the monster of legends.

2. The male (Reign of Fire)

The male (Reign of Fire)

Reign of Fire depicts a future where dragons have invaded the Earth, and their breath has burned the world's largest cities. Skillfully mixing post-apocalyptic universe with Mad Max and medieval plague, the feature film features dozens and dozens of flying saurians, but only one male, whom a handful of survivors will confront in the ruins of London with the hope of exterminating the race.

1. Smaug the Terrible (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)

Smaug the Terrible

It's not just because he stands next to a Hobbit that Smaug looks so huge, since the dragon has the size of two Boeings 747s! Performed by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness), the fortune on which the mastodon watches is valued at US$62 billion. Smaug is not only the largest and richest dragon, it is also the one we prefer.

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