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Are you both a cinephile and a dragon lover? You have come to the right place! Why? Why? Because we're going to shed light on the top 10 best dragon movies. Let's go !

N°1 Dragon Movie: The reign of fire

The Reign of Fire
This film deserves to be ranked first among the best films featuring dragons.

Director Bob Bowman immerses us in a fascinating story at the beginning of the 21st century. This cinematographic work throws us into a post-apocalyptic world like Mad Max, where Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey face dark bugs.

In the middle of London, a dragon was found and awakened, under the eyes of Quinn Abercromby (a 12-year-old boy). The awakening of this creature discovered in an underground construction site causes the loss of its mother.

20 years later, dragons have multiplied and burned the world. By becoming the leader of a small group of survivors, Quinn will try to maintain hope, but in vain.

Surprise: a group of American soldiers will arrive, under the direction of Denton Van Zan who is a dragon hunter. After a period of reflection, the group understands that there is only one male dragon that fertilizes women. So all you have to do is kill him to get out of this hellhole.

This film stands out from the other usual productions. Admittedly, his budget is not phenomenal, but the director has put in the necessary ingredients to offer us an excellent film product.

The Reign of Fire

N° 2 Dragon Movie: Dragonslayer 

Here is another film that will please movie lovers looking for a production with dragons. You'll probably fall for this story!

"Dragonslayer " (Dragonslayer, according to its original English title) is a film directed by Matthew Robbins in 1981. It's an old production, but it has everything to please. I strongly advise you to watch this movie.

Do you want to have a little idea of the story? I'm going to update you on the main elements, without spoiling you either, so as not to spoil the pleasure of watching this beautiful film.

In 109 minutes, you will dive into the story of a King threatened by a terrible dragon. The king decides to sacrifice young virgins for the monster, in order to protect his kingdom. But who will volunteer to kill this despicable creature and save the King's daughter? A magician and his disciple take the risk.

As a reminder, "Dragonslayer " is the second film to use the go motion animation technique, which gives it increased realism. In addition, it should be noted that the entire shooting was done in natural light.

The Dragon of the Lake of Fire

N° 3 Dragon Movie: Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart
Directed in 1996 by Rob Cohen, this film will not leave you indifferent. Dragon Heart, or "Draco: The Legend of the Last Dragon (Quebec title)" is one of the best dragon movies.

The history of this production is fascinating. To save the life of her son Einon, who was ambushed, Aislinn, Queen of England (in 934), asked for the intervention of a venerable and powerful dragon. The latter therefore offered half of his heart to the prince.

Once in the throne, a surprise arises: Einon turns out to be a tyrant. Knight Bowen, the new King's tutor, understands that it was the dragon's heart that poisoned his disciple. He therefore decided to exterminate this cursed race.

Don't hesitate to see the suited ones of this movie:
In 2000, director Doug Lefler released "Cœur de Dragon: Un nouveau départ",
followed by another film by Colin Teague in 2015: "Dragon Heart 3: The Wizard's Curse",
Don't forget the latest film released in 2017 and directed by Patrik Syverson: "Heart of a Dragon: The Battle of the Heart of Fire".
dragon's heart

N° 4 Dragon Movie: Eragon

Don't you like the three films I just quoted you? Don't be afraid! I'll suggest some more!

Eragon is one of the best dragon movies ever, and it's not for nothing! This American feature film by Stefen Fangmeier, released in 2006 - based on the adaptation of Paolini Christopher's novel - has everything to please.

The film tells the mysterious story of the teenager, Eragon, who lives in a small village in Carvahall. During a hunt, the teenager finds a bluish stone: a dragon's egg. This one gives birth to a small female dragon: Saphira. For this young man, the latter becomes an inexhaustible source of charity and joy. There you go! There you go! The time of the Dragonlords has come back...

With the help of his mentor, Brom, the teenager will discover his true destiny. He has become the only hope of the people of Alagaesia. Why? Why? Because he is the only one who can revive the golden age of justice. To do so, he will have to face Galbatorix. To find out more, I suggest you see this sublime masterpiece. You won't be disappointed with the trip!



N° 5 Dragon Movie: Dragon hunters

Dragon hunters
Are you looking for an animated film with dragons? "Dragon Hunters" is a movie you'll like!

Released in 2008 and directed by French director Guillaume Ivernel and Arthur Qwak, this film production will not leave you indifferent! It is a feature film that appeals to young and old alike.

The film tells the story of Zéo, a little girl who believes in legends. No, she's not naive! She just likes myths. That's how it all started! To help her uncle Lord Arnold get rid of a terrible dragon, the girl tries to find heroes. So she finds Gwizdo and Lian-Chu, two dragon hunters. What will happen next? Just look at the film to discover the end.

As a reminder, this film shares the same creative world as the animated series "Chasseurs de dragons", already adapted into comics.

In addition, it should be noted that this feature film was shown on the big screen in about fifty countries (France, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, etc.).

dragon hunter

N° 6 Dragon Movie: Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons and Dragons (Dungeons & Dragons) is a very good American film directed by the famous Courtney Solomon.

You better see this movie. I almost want to make you do it. The story will seduce you, that's for sure.

This production tells the story of the mythical empire of Izmer. The latter is threatened by chaos. If Princess Savina refuses to give up her scepter to the evil Profion, a terrible clash will take place.

Snails and Ridley, two young thieves, accompanied by Marina, a novice of the very powerful Congregation of the Magi, will try to save their world. They will do everything to revive the hope of a new kingdom. But before they do, they will survive plots, conspiracies, traps and traitors.

I'm sure you'll love this terrible dragon movie. Certainly, some analysts place it on the list of the worst films of all time, but that's also what makes it so charming.

Note that the film has 2 sequences:

"Dungeons and Dragons: The Supreme Power", directed by Gerry Lively,
"Dungeons and Dragons 3: The Book of Darkness", by the same director.
Dungeons and Dragons

N° 7 Dragon Movie: Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon
Suffice it to say that this film is made by Disney studios to make you want to see it right away!

Combining animation and photography, all in the form of a musical comedy, this feature film directed by Don Chaffet in 1977 is magnificent. And, icing on the cake, Peter and Elliott the dragon (Pete's Dragon) appeals to young and old alike. There's something for everyone!

The film's story takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. Peter's arrival is not without difficulty. He is a 10-year-old orphan fleeing his adoptive family in Passamaquoddy, a small town in New England.

The young man asserts that he lives in the woods with a giant dragon, named Elliott. The latter is endowed with invisibility. Only Lampie, the lighthouse keeper, can see this creature.

The inhabitants of Passamaquoddy hold Peter and his dragon Elliott responsible for the lack of fish, while Dr. Terminus seeks to hand Peter over to his adoptive parents. The worst part is that this doctor wants to skin the dragon and sell it in pieces.

But what will happen next?

Peter and Elliott the dragon

N° 8 Dragon Movie: Dragon Inside Me

Dragon Inside Me
This is one of the best dragon movies, and I'm weighing my words. Fans of romantic productions will surely appreciate it!

"Dragon Inside Me" is a Russian romantic fantasy film directed by the famous Indar Dzhendubaev.

Admittedly, the film had a small "failure" at the Russian box office ($1.7 million), but it brought in more than $60 million to the Chinese box office. Asians seem to prefer dragons more than Russians. This is logical if we know Chinese and Japanese mythologies. Indeed, dragons are perfectly anchored there.

In short, it's a very beautiful film to see and watch again! Here is the synopsis:

On Princess Mia's wedding day, she was kidnapped by a big dragon. He takes her to a lost island in the middle of the ocean.

When she wakes up, she meets a young castaway who warns her. During the day, the princess has nothing to fear! But as soon as night falls, the dragon returns to its home base.

Mia gradually surrenders herself to the strange atmosphere of the place. Why? Why? Because she's troubled by the boy's magnetism.

One day, the young man made a terrible revelation to him. What is it about? I'm not going to tell you everything!

Dragon Inside Me

N° 9 Dragon Movie: Age of dragons

Age of dragons movie
Do you like American movies that contain dragons? This production by Ryan Little will fulfill your most sacred wishes!

Note that "Age of dragons" was released in the United Kingdom on March 4, 2011, and then on American television on July 30, 2011. It is a free interpretation of German Melville's novel: Moby Dick.

You want to discover the story? Let's go !

A few years ago, Captain Ahab saw his family killed by the legendary White Dragon. He thus becomes a dragon hunter in search of this creature.

Why? Why? Because he wants to eliminate her to satisfy his revenge. So he surrounded himself with the best men to fight this dangerous creature. The team will embark on an epic and bloody hunt in the depths of darkness...

To discover the story in detail, just watch the film. It's one of the best productions with dragons. This feature film is breathtaking!

Age of dragons

N° 10 Dragon Movie: paladin dawn of the dragon slayer

paladin dawn of the dragon slayer
Here is the latest film in this top 10: "paladin dawn of the dragon slayer".

It was directed by Anne K. Black in 2011, with the participation of Philip Brodie, Nicola Posener and Richard McWilliams.

The story is really splendid. It's an action and adventure film that will please everyone! Want to see a film that immerses us in a fantastic universe? Then I advise you to look at "Paladin, the last dragon hunter".

This feature film tells the story of young Will, who has been consumed by ideas of revenge since his father was killed by a dragon.

What is he going to do? He decides to take a long journey. Why? Why? To find the solution to defeat this beast.

Will will meet the terrible Lord Sterling. He falls in love with his daughter. The latter revealed to him the existence of knights who fought dragons through magic.

Will he succeed in killing his dragon enemy? To find out, warm up your CD player or computer! You won't be disappointed! I'm sure you'll see him a second time, even a third time.

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