Tialong The Celestial Dragon

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Tialong The Celestial Dragon

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In Chinese mythology, the Tialong or Tien-long (), literally "dragon of the sky" are the celestial dragons that pull the tanks of the gods and guard their palaces.

Like most Chinese dragons, with one exception, the Tialong (literally the dragon of paradise) is benevolent.


This majestic creature reigns over the skies, Chinese mythology describes it as truly splendid, displaying in a variable way the colours of the rainbow.

He obviously has tremendous powers. Like many Asian dragons, it is associated with an element: the air.

Indeed, it has the ability to model and control clouds at will.


This dragon is so noble that myths give it the function of a Praetorian guard of the gods. Other texts also refer to a somewhat less prestigious role as messengers of the divine, serving both to protect their palaces and to tow their carriages.

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