The Twilight Flight

The Twilight Flight

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Discover the origins of these dragons resulting from the Black Flight experiments, and that we will face during Cataclysm.


Lady Sinestra Like an 80-year-old woman who will do her shopping with Jamaican sprinter speed, Lady Sinestra, Deathwing's companion (Deathwing), could be seen for a long time by those who were going to the escarpment of the Nether Wing, in the Umbrella Valley (Shadowmoon). Busy as they were farming their horses, the passing heroes may not have paid much attention to the details of what was happening, but they could not miss the endless dialogue that invaded the screen, then the transformation of Elf into a dragon of this sympathetic creature, before it left for new heavens.


The example of the market may be a little caricatural, but it corresponds well to what the main Deathwing consort had come to do. Following in the footsteps of her sane "husband", Lady Sinestra had in mind to succeed where the other black dragons failed: to create a new dragon race that would dominate the world.

This project, on the border between a resurgence of Jurassic Parc and an episode of Minus and Cortex, will lead many years later to the fact that we, poor heroes with damaged equipment, had to face the chimeras created by the most Brangelina couple of flying saurians: the Twilight Flight.

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