The Red Dragon And Draig Goch, The Curse Of Vortigern

Red Dragon And Draig Goch -

The Red Dragon And Draig Goch, The Curse Of Vortigern

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Deeply dormant under the foundations of the cruel Vortigern's fortress, the Red Dragon of Arthurian legend symbolizes the power of evil and the deceit of the usurper. As soon as he was awake, he fought fiercely against his opponent, the White Dragon, an image of King Uther Pendragon's legitimacy. Such a battle can only have one outcome: the victory of the white against the red, prefiguring that of Uther over Vortigern and opening the long reign of King Arthur's lineage over Brittany.

 Red Dragon And Draig Goch

It is said that in the former Brittany, now Great Britain, King Constant's seneschal seized power at the death of his sovereign. To do this, this cruel man named Vortigern had to get rid of the two legitimate heirs: he had one of them killed, but the second, Uther, managed to escape. Fearing the day when Uther would come to claim the throne, Vortigern decided to build an impregnable tower to take refuge there.

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