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Blue, red, green, black, white or gold: dragons' dresses betray the character of their owners. Valuable clues for anyone who has the audacity to venture into their territory....

It is its scales that give the dragon its gleaming colour. In the shape of small knife blades, they are composed of a complex assemblage of bone, cartilage and keratin, an extremely strong fibrous protein. When the young dragon is born, its scales are uniformly greyish and soft. They only acquire their hardness and colour over time. If the dragon is in poor health, they become dark and dull. Conversely, when the bark dragon seduces a female, they are brighter and more colorful than ever.



Although the dragons' coats have a wide range of colours, they can be grouped into five main shades: white, blue, red, green and black.

White dragons are the most primitive. They are found in polar climates, where they live in frozen caves. They do not care much for humans, but be careful not to provoke them: their ice blast is deadly.

The burning deserts are the lairs of the blue dragons that dig themselves dens there. Fine magicians, they often attack the traveller who passes within their reach.

Forest green dragons are probably the most common of all. They are also the smallest, but not necessarily the least dangerous. Indeed, they are linked to the earth and have all the magic of this element. Moreover, they are often belligerent and do not hesitate to provoke fighting.

In jungles and swamps, black dragons are more likely to be encountered, their robes making them difficult to spot. They are excellent swimmers and feed mainly on aquatic animals. They do not interfere in human affairs, but do not tolerate intrusion into their territory. In this case, they will not hesitate to attack by spitting an acid jet at their opponent.

Finally, be extra careful if you happen to come across a red dragon: it is the most fearsome of all. Sneaky and unpredictable, he only obeys his greed. He lives in deep caves carved in the mountains, where he piles up the wealth accumulated over the centuries. As proud as he is intelligent, he has only contempt for humans, but does not disdain the opportunity to bite into a young virgin.


The Golden Dragon, a Dragon with a pure heart

The noblest of all dragons is the one whose scales, wings and head have the colour of gold. Far from the ferocity and deceit of the trains of these congeners, he is loyal, wise and peaceful. It is very difficult to see the golden dragon: there are only a few in the world and they have withdrawn from the sight of men, who have not been able to show themselves worthy of it. It is said that only a knight with an absolutely pure soul can hope to lay his eyes on one of them.


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