SMITE : Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas

Ao Kuang, Game, SMITE -

SMITE : Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas

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Hi-Rez announced today the arrival of the 60th god for his SMITE MOBA: Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas.

Ao Kuang - SMITE

Ao Kuang uses his power over water and dragons to fight his enemies. His Dragon's Call skill invokes six dragons at his side. With each successful base attack, one of them will throw himself at the target, inflicting increasing damage on it.

Its ultimate ability, King of the Eastern Seas, allows it to select a target by hand and grab it, inflicting damage on it while throwing it into the air. If the enemy's health is too low, Ao Kuang reveals his true form, turning into a dragon to execute him. After this one, Ao Kuang remained in the air, selecting the place where he wanted to land in order to inflict damage on all opponents within range and fully reload his passive, King's Sword.

This patch will also introduce new skins, voice packs and a new sponsorship system. More information is available in the latest patch notes.

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