Smaug The Last Winged Dragon Of The Middle Earth

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Smaug The Last Winged Dragon Of The Middle Earth

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Smaug, his wings folded up like a gigantic bat, was lying partly on his side, so that the hobbit could see his lower part and his long pale belly, all inlaid with jewels and gold fragments after he had been lying on this sumptuous bed for so long

-The Hobbit Chapter 11 J.R.R.R Tolkien

Smaug occupies a special and central place in Tolkien's Works due to his character and status as the last winged dragon.

But who is he? Where did it come from? And what role did he have in the events of the Erebor Expedition?

On this day the Tolkiendili are attacking a Monument, what do I say? A wonder of Middle-earth: the Dragon Smaug.....

Smaug The Golden

Smaug the golden, or Tragus, of his real name in the language of the Val, is one of the last living Dragons of the Bilbo Baggains era, and probably the most powerful of them. In 2770 of the T.A., he was at the origin of the Erebor Sack.

Indeed, while the dwarf kingdom of Erebor lives in opulence, in harmony with the men of Dale, settled on the foothills, Smaug, attracted by the wealth accumulated by the dwarves, descends from the Dry Heath, into the Grey Mountains and falls on the region of the Solitary Mountain.

He first burnt the valley killing the warriors and King Girion, then broke into the Mountain, slaughtering most of the dwarves before gathering all the wealth in a huge pile of which he made his bed. Young Thorin witnessed the attack from the outside, while his father, Thrain and his grandfather, Thror, king under the mountain, managed to escape through a secret door.


- Erebor, Lonely Moutain

Dale's Men resisted him for a while, before migrating south of the Long Lake after many young girls disappeared, devoured by the dragon. After this episode, the Solitary Mountain and its region, the Desolation of Smaug, were completely abandoned to the latter.

For nearly 170 years, the dragon was no longer disturbed. The dwarves, led by Thrain having found refuge in the far west of Middle-earth, south of the Blue Mountains. However, in 2941 of the T.A. Thorin, in love with revenge, devised a plan to recover his Kingdom. He thus met the Magician Gandalf the Grey on the county road with whom he designed the Erebor Expedition, composed of Thorin's company and the Hobbit Bilbo Baggain

For Gandalf, Smaug is a threat that must be eliminated because the Dragon can potentially become Sauron's ally in the Coming War. After a journey of several months, the company arrived in Erebor in the autumn of 2941 and discovered the secret door. Bilbo then enters the tunnel and reaches the underground room, in the heart of the Mountain. It was there that he discovered Smaug, in all its splendour, asleep on his gold heap.


- Smaug lies on the Thror Treasure of Thror

The golden red dragon, is similar to a Mouse Bat, its wings folded over its back and its body covered with an armor of jewels. Its warmth reddens in the darkness of the room and reveals fumes coming out of her mouth and nostrils. Bilbo is fascinated but takes advantage of Smaug's sleep to steal a golden cup from him and thus prove his skills as a burglar to the Dwarves. Soon Smaug wakes up and discovers flight. He then became very angry. Coming out of the Mountain, he will perch on his top to find out who did it.

He eventually spotted the company's tracks and then set fire to the secret lair moments after the dwarves found reguge in the tunnel. Throughout the night, Smaug roamed around Erebor, hoping to dislodge the dwarves but failing to find them, he nevertheless managed to catch their ponies, thanks to which he understood that the men from the lake had helped Thorin's company. At dawn, he returns to his golden layer and falls asleep. On its side Bilbo and the Dwarves are planning a second descent into the mountains.

Around noon, the Hobbit slips into the Single Ring and thanks to its invisibility, penetrates into the treasure room. There Smaug, whose sense of smell is infallible, smells the Hobbit, but cannot see it or know who it is, because the smell of a Hobbit is totally unknown to him. The dragon then tries to get as much information as possible from Bilbo by making him talk. But Bilbo is not fooled and the conversation looks like an exchange of enigmas.

Thus, rather than giving his name to Smaug, he calls himself Ring Winner, Chance Bearer or Barrel Rigger, in reference to his adventures. Finally, Bilbo succeeded in flattering Smaug, claiming that he
knew the weak dragons in the chest area. The latter then reveals his belly and especially his weak point: a hole under the left armpit not protected by his armor of jewels.


Bilbo runs up the tunnel, not without Smaug spitting a jet of flame after him. Once up and running, he shares his information with his companions, as well as with the old thrush that had helped him discover the secret entrance. During the evening, Bilbo had a feeling and asked the dwarves to close the entrance, just in time before Smaug, who had left the Mountain, hit its side, making the secret entrance inaccessible.

Then Smaug turned south, and flew to Esgaroth to take revenge on the Men who had helped the Dwarves' company, under the impetus of Bard, a descendant of Girion, the burgomaster called on the inhabitants to take up arms and prepare themselves to face the Dragon. Smaug flew over the city many times, wiping away arrows that only increased his fury. When he became angry, he ran into the city and, spitting out his flames, set fire to the houses.

The inhabitants then fled the city, in particular the mayor, aboard his personal boat, which suits Smaug perfectly, who hopes to be able to attack them when they disembark. But that's without counting on the presence of Bard, who stayed behind with his company of archers. As he was about to shoot his last arrow, the old thrush came to tell him the dragon's weak point.

Bard then unleashed the black arrow, which he had taken from his ancestors and which is said to have been forged in Erebor.

She came to lodge in the dragon's bare chest. Smaug then fell out of the city before being overwhelmed by the waters. The waters where the dragon's body rests were then considered cursed, no one even dared to go and get the jewels of his armor, and the city was rebuilt further on the Lake.


Since the publication of Bilbo the Hobbit in 1937, Smaug has been the subject of many adaptations. Indeed, Tolkien himself made several illustrations of the dragon. One of the most famous is undoubtedly The Conversation with Smaug. Then, we can notice the Smaug of the 1977 cartoon The Hobbit which is a kind of mixture between a snake and a cat. And finally Peter Jackson presents us with a resplendent dragon in his Trilogy, interpreted by the famous Benedict Cumberbatch using Motion Capture technology. So much so that it is considered by some to be the best Dragon adapted to cinema.

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