Shenron (Shenlong), The "Spiritual Dragon" Of Chinese Mythology

Shenlong, Shenron -

Shenron (Shenlong), The "Spiritual Dragon" Of Chinese Mythology

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In this article you will learn more about Shenlong, the dragon of Chinese mythology and you will understand that it is the inspiration of the dragon Shenron in dragon ball z

Shenron Dragon Ball Z

  • Shenron is a fictional character created by Akira Toriyama in the Dragon Ball manga in 1984.
  • Shenron is the first dragon to appear in history. It is the Sacred Dragon, made by Kami-sama.

When a person manages to gather all the Dragon Balls scattered throughout the world at one point and pronounces the correct formula, Shenron, the God of the Dragons, appears. The latter is then able to fulfil a single and unique wish of the person who invoked it.
Although his power seems unlimited at the beginning of the story, heroes later learn that this is not the case, and that there are several constraints:

A person can only be resurrected once and only once, and only if his death is not due to natural causes.

Shenron cannot grant a wish that exceeds the limits of the power of the Almighty, the creator of the Dragon Balls. He cannot eliminate overpowered enemies, for example, since Kami-sama would not be able to do so himself.


Shenron is not invincible and once it is materialized, it can be killed: the Piccolo demon will not hesitate to do so, in which case the Dragon Balls become permanently unusable.

If the creator of the Dragon Balls ever dies or no longer exists in himself (case of the Almighty after his merger with Piccolo), it will have the same effect as if Shenron had died: the balls become unusable.

When Shenron has granted the wish of the person who succeeded in invoking him, he disappears and the Dragon Balls spread again around the world. They then turn into simple stones without any particular power for a period of one year.

Shen-Long - Chinese Mythology

This dragon is Shenron's direct source of inspiration. Moreover, Shenron is none other than the Japanese transcription of the original name of this dragon, namely Shen-Long (Shen-long > Shen Lon > Shen Ron > Shenron.)

Literally, the "spiritual dragon". This dragon with its blue scales makes rain fall and makes the land fertile by walking on clouds. The disasters that can be caused by heavy rains make it as feared as it is revered by men.

If Shenron's name comes directly from Shen-long, Akira Toriyama's dragon was created with many freedoms and its name is more to be seen as a wink than as a representation faithful to the original.

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