Red dragonflight

Red dragonflight

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Led by Alexstrasza the Lieutenant-of-Life, the members of the Red dragonflight
are associated with Life, because their leader has received her power from Titanium Eonar, patron saint of all life. Alongside the Night Elves during the Elder War, the Red Flight participated with all its strength in this conflict that threatened the very existence of the world.

Everything then went well for this flight for thousands of years, until the arrival of the Orcs in Azeroth. They used a powerful artifact, the Soul of the Demon, to hold Alexstrasza and his then cohabitant, Tyranastrasz, captive. The Orcs used the offspring of the Lieuse-de-Vie as mounts, making them the terror of the Alliance. However, the human magician Rhonin, with the help of the red dragon Korialstrasz ("Krasus" in his human form), succeeded in destroying the Soul of the Demon, thus allowing Alexstrasza to free himself. It was then that the other three Aspects made their return to face the master of Black Flight, Death Wing, driven mad by the voices of the very ancient Gods. If the fallen appearance was undone and almost left for dead, the Red Flight also took a long time to recover from its wounds.

Alexstrasza, the Lieuse of Life


Letting his own people recover, Alexstrasza stayed away from the mortal world for a long time, just sending symbolic help during the war against the Silithids to Ahn'Qiraj. However, she soon learned that the Aspect of Magic, Malygos the Blue, had taken refuge with his family on the frozen continent of Northrend, where he planned to kill anyone who mastered magic. The Lieuse-de-Vie then led her people to the Temple of the Worm's Rest, the sacred sanctuary of the dragons. Faced also with the threat posed by the Scourge, Alexstrasza commissioned several deadly champions to deal with Malygos' case, but had to intervene herself to precipitate the fall of the Tisse-sort.

It was a heartbreaking experience for her to participate in her brother's murder, but she had done it for the good of the world she had sworn to protect. However, it also had to face the servants of Arthas and his Plague who threatened to spread the putrefaction of non-life over the world. She led a contingent of dragons to purify the Wrath Portal after reprehensible renegades had used their plague.

Today, Azeroth's dreams of peace have been shattered by what is so rightly called the "Breise-monde", itself self-proclaimed Aspect of Death: Neltharion, former leader of the Black Flight. The red dragons, led by their queen, reinvested in the Twilight Highlands, which at the time were the place where many children of the Lieuse-de-Vie were captured. Although the death of her companion Korialstrasz deeply affected her, Alexstrasza knows that it will not be the same with Deathwing, determined to put an end to her actions.



Famous Red Dragons

Alexstrasza: the Lieuse-de-Vie is the leader of this flight, but also queen of dragons. An aspect that feels closest to Azeroth's mortals, she helped bring Malygos down with regret, and intends to free this world from the aura of fear that Death Wing releases. During the Second World War, it was captured to produce the Orcs' flying mounts.

Korialstrasz / Krasus: Alexstrasza's consort is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent dragons in the world; a member of the Dalaran Six Council, he succeeded in convincing Malygos, Nozdormu and Ysera to help him free his queen from the grip of the Dragon Mouth clan's Orcs. However, in 633, the red dragon sacrificed himself in the sanctuary of the red flight to purify the eggs corrupted by the twilight dragons, preventing all his offspring from serving Dead Wing.

Tyranastrasz: known as "Tyran" during his lifetime, this noble dragon was old when the Orcs seized him in order to generate the red dragons that would become the scourge of the Alliance. Although weakened, he fought valiantly against the Death Wing, but was defeated by the renegade Aspect. His skull is now on display at the Hall of Explorers in Forgefer.

Caelestrasz: this young and valiant dragon was sent by his queen to the side of the free people fighting against the threat of Ahn'Qiraj.

Vaelastrasz: captured by Nefarian (the son of Death's Wing), this noble dragon was tortured until he no longer recognized his allies.

Keristrasza: majestic even among her own, Keristrasza was captured by Malygos after she murdered her partner. She later became his non-consenting concubine, locked in the Nexus, before falling victim to the blows of the heroes who came to stop the blue flight.

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