Quetzalcoatl - God the feathered serpent, a major Aztec deity.

Quetzalcoatl -

Quetzalcoatl - God the feathered serpent, a major Aztec deity.

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Son of the Sun and Coatlicue one of the lunar goddesses, Quetzalcoatl (or Quetzalcoatlus) is the god of vegetation and wind. Under his human appearance, he is represented as a bearded man wearing a cone-shaped hat, a mask from which two pipes protrude forward, a pendant in each ear and a pectoral (a jewel worn on the chest) called the jewel of the wind. Under its animal appearance, it is represented as a large snake/dragon with wings and feathers.



  • Worship and contribution to humanity

As a benefactor God, Quetzalcoatl created humanity by sprinkling blood on old bones that he went to look for in Mictlan, the underground world where the deceased lived, with Xolotl, his twin brother. Like other gods, he refuses to be sacrificed in his honour; he is offered flowers, incense, tobacco and on the twelve annual feasts none have dedicated themselves to him. He is venerated in a rounded temple in Mexico City and Cholula where his sanctuary is at the top of the world's largest pyramid.


He brought much to humanity, teaching it the culture of corn, the arts, sculpture, writing, counting time with a calendar and the movement of the stars. In this way, he protects the students to whom he passes on his knowledge and is at the base of civilization. He also gave cocoa to men by stealing it from the Son of the Sun so that they could console themselves for their misfortunes. With cocoa beans, men were able to make the drink of the gods, the ancestor of chocolate.

  • Tezcatlipoca

He reigns over Tula, of which he is king, and brings prosperity and peace during his reign. This ended when Tezcatlipoca, the god of war and death, presented himself to him to show him the intoxication of pulque, a drink made from the sap of agave. In addition, Tezcatlipoca made him see his wrinkled face with a mirror and tried to seduce his daughter.


A victim of Tezcatlipoca's wickedness, Quetzalcoatl lost power and Tula lost her prosperity. He went into exile to the east and arrived near the ocean, fasting for four days before putting on his best clothes, setting up a pyre, which he lit and into which he threw himself. Flames sprang from the birds and the heart of Quetzalcoatl who rose into the heavens and became the planet Venus. He was often called after that the Lord of the Dawn, being the first star to appear in the sky every day.


  • Literature: Everworld (K.A Applegate),
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