Leviathan, Snake Or Biblical Sea Dragon

Leviathan, Sea Dragon -

Leviathan, Snake Or Biblical Sea Dragon

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A terrible biblical water monster, the Leviathan is a sea Dragon/serpent spreading terror.

  • Presented as a giant snake, a dragon or a fish, the Leviathan, a Liwjatant in Hebrew, appears several times in biblical accounts.

The Dragon Leviathan


His body is covered with scales protecting him from all terrestrial weapons. Like any dragon, it can spit out flames that can boil water. With its huge tail it can lift seas and oceans, creating tsunamis. Its powerful jaw has very sharp teeth that allow it to shred everything.

According to the Old Testament, like any other creature, there was a leviathan of each sex. But God, realizing the power of these beings and the damage they could cause if they mated, killed the female. His skin was used to make Adam and Eve's first clothes, the clothes of light, the scales shining in the light. The monster's flesh was preserved in salt for the Last Judgment banquet.

"I saw the huge swamps ferment, trapsWhere a Leviathan rots in the rushes! » Rimbaud, the Drunk Boat
  • Literature: The banished and the proscribed (J. Clemens)
  • Painting: The destruction of the Leviathan (G. Doré)
  • Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh! (K. Takahashi)
  • Video games : Final Fantasy (Squaresoft), Monkey Island 3 (Lucas Art)

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