Jormungand, The Sea Snake/Dragon Of Midgard - Norse Mythology

Jormungand, Norse Mythology, Sea Snake -

Jormungand, The Sea Snake/Dragon Of Midgard - Norse Mythology

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Jormungand, The Giant Snake/dragon Of Viking Legends

In Norse mythology, it is the name of the Midgard Serpent (Middle World). He is sometimes depicted biting his tail like an Ouroboros; he encircles the earth, lying on the bed of the Ocean, from where he will emerge at the end of the world. 

Jormungand is the son of Loki, the evil god, and the giant Angrboda: the latter also designed the wolf fenrir and Hel, guardian of the dead.

Thor, a powerful god with the Mjollnir hammer, will meet the dragon three times. The first is fortuitous: during his expedition to the land of the giants, Utgardloki, king of the giants, offered Thor three tests to laugh at his legendary strength.

The first is to drink the contents of a horn, the second is to lift the domestic cat, the last is to beat an old nurse. Thor will not succeed in any of the three tests, but the strength he showed was enough to secretly impress the giant Utgardloki, because the tests were rigged: the end of the horn was soaking in the ocean and Thor had sucked so hard that the water had withdrawn from all shores; the cat was an illusion, it was in fact the Midgard Snake and lifting it was an unthinkable feat; when it came to the old nurse, it was the Old Lady herself, and no one could defeat her, not even a god.


Second meeting. As Thor took on the appearance of a very young man, he went to the Midgard and sat on a fishing boat with Hymir, a giant. Thor had chosen a beef head as bait, then he threw the line.

The Midgard Snake took the bait, but he pulled so hard that Thor felt carried away. Then he firmly fastened his magic belt and his strength doubled. So he pulled the monster out of the water but, as he was about to strike him with a terrible hammer, Hymir, failing in front of the monster, cut the line and the Serpent returned to the bottom of the water.


Third and last meeting. Nothing extends into eternity and even the world of the gods will have its Twilight. This is the time of the Ragnarök, when Surt and his trolls will besiege the Asgard (the kingdom of the gods).

Everything will begin, where, we should say, everything will end like this: three years of war where all the bonds of kinship will no longer make sense, three years of ice, the Great Winter, which will cover the earth's orb with a thick shroud. Then the whole earth will be subjected to irreversible disasters: the wolves Skoll and Hati, who respectively pursue the sun and moon, will swallow these two stars.


A sea of floods will flood the land, the chained wolf Fenrir will break his chains and Jormungand will unroll his rings. The ship Coque-d'Ongles, led by the giant Hrym, will be launched into the sea; it is made with the nails of the dead and that is why anyone dying with uncut nails helps the enemies of the gods.

The sky itself will tear and the Muspelsheim sons will come out, guided by the giants of fire Surt. Heimdall will sound his horn and the gods will awaken, then the army of the gods, guided by Odin, with the Gungnir spear, will plunge into the ultimate battle.

Freyr will defy Surt, but he will fall, for lack of the right sword, which he once gave to Skirnir. Tyr will fight the dog from the underworld Garm, and everyone will lose their lives. Thor fought the Midgard Serpent, killed him, but, poisoned by the dragon's lethal breath, he fell dead at his ninth step.


Odin could not resist the assault of the wolf Fenrir, and he was swallowed up, but Vidar, Odin's son, pushed his blade into the wolf's heart. Then Surt will set the universe on fire, and the nine Worlds of Creation will fall into chaos.

If Yggdrasil - the tree of life - had collapsed, his roots gnawed at by the dragon of chaos Nidhoggr, in the heart of the great ash tree, were survivors. The Sun Goddess had given birth to a daughter, more beautiful than her mother. A new land will emerge from the waves, Vidar and Vali, accompanied by Modi and Magui, son of Thor, will stay in the Eternal Valleys, where once was the Asgard. The new gods will be joined by Balder and Hödr, who have returned from Hel's kingdom. And the good and righteous men will remain at their side, for days without end.

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