Herensuge Or Sugaar, Monster Of Creation And End Of The World

Herensuge, Sugaar -

Herensuge Or Sugaar, Monster Of Creation And End Of The World

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A major monster of Basque mythology, the Herensuge is a formidable cousin of the hydra.

A fearsome creature living in the bowels of the earth, the Herensuge takes its name from the Basque word suge meaning snake, its body being that of a Dragon/Snake without legs. His name is also written in many other ways such as Erensuge, Iraunsuge, Lerensuge, Herainsuge, Errensuge, Hensuge, Edensugue, Edeinsuge, Edaansuge, Igensuge, Iraunsuge.


If it is often described as a dragon, in its form it is closer to a gigantic hydra, having seven heads, but having a more humanoid shape than a snake. He has a powerful breath and breath, so he can suck his victims in. If it crawls, it is sometimes found with wings and flying. In some parts of the Basque Country it is said that when a storm approaches, the Herensuge crosses the sky with its eyes burning in the form of a half-moon, until it disappears into the ocean.

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He is assigned different places to hide, but they all remain linked to the Basque mountains, most often around Mount Aralar. It is said that he eats the herds and sometimes even the shepherds.

The Herensuge is very important in Basque myths, because it would be at the origin of the world by mating with the goddess of nature Mari. As the goddess' husband, he is often called Sugaar. Their children are the moon and the sun and with its mouth it sucked the Creation, spitting it out into a stream of lava after ten days, before falling asleep, completing the creation of the world.

As a result, there are two stories about him. The first tells that one day, the son of the castle of Çaro managed to poison him and when he flew to the sea, he caught fire, destroying hectares of the forest of Arbailles. The other story tells that the monster managed one day to kidnap two young girls and it was the knight Gaston de Belzunce, only nineteen years old, who went to rescue them only armed with a spear and accompanied by his squire. He managed to save the two girls, but he succumbed to his wounds.

Legend has it that when he wakes up, he will again use his flames to destroy the world.


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