The Guivre/Vouivre - The Dragon From French Legend

French Dragon, Vouivre -

The Guivre/Vouivre - The Dragon From French Legend

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The fascinating legend of the Vouivre, the French dragon (Jura)

Its name makes the inhabitants of Franche-Comté and elsewhere tremble. A winged and evil snake, with a body of fire, the Vouivre crosses the moonless sky to land near the pond where it baths, leaving on the shore the diamond that adorns its forehead and whose brilliance traces in the sky a long brilliant trail. Anyone who got their hands on it would be rich and happy. But beware! For the Vouivre watches over its most precious good, a guarantee of its power, and is not ready to part with it...


La Vouivre is a legend that originated in eastern France, in Franche-Comté to be precise. Its name is only a distortion of the Latin name of Vipera, the snake. The Vouivre is associated with marshes and swampy areas. The Vouivre is a large snake, which can be several metres in size, with bat wings. His body, covered with scales, is sometimes described as inflamed.


There is no such thing as a Vouivre, but there are Vouivres. In Franche-Comté alone, nearly a dozen are listed. The Vouivres have common characteristics: they live mainly underground, in cavities or underground, and only come out at night.


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