Green Dragonflight

Green Dragonflight

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The ethereal green dragons live only to serve the forces of nature and defend the balance between mortal creatures and the ever-changing world. The Drastic Green Flight, led by Ysera the Dreamer, also has a special link with the Night Elves and their druids. Although most of these dragons live in the mystical dimension called the Emerald Dream, some of their own can be found on Azeroth.

Ysera, the Dreamer


For many years, these dragons faced the corruption of Emerald's nightmare, a horrible evil that distorted the dream, following the actions of the very ancient Gods and their henchmen. Ysera almost disappeared from circulation and many of the dragons of his flight eventually fell under the yoke of this corruption, to become dragons of the nightmare. Alongside the mortal races and with the precious intervention of Malfurion Hurlorage, the Dream was finally purified, and the Nightmare almost entirely disappeared, allowing Ysera to be able to fully play its role of Aspect, this evil now disappeared.

While Azeroth was shattered by the Cataclysm, the Green Flight was able to make its return. Faced with Ragnaros' forces determined to burn Hyjal and the World Tree, the dragons assisted the Night Elves and the Cenarian circle with the help of Ysera herself appeared, in her kal'dorei form, to stand up to the Lord of Fire.

Famous Green Dragons

Ysera: That of the Dreams, the Awakened, the Queen of Dreams, Ysera has many titles; others less respectful allude to the fact that we rarely see her in action, but rather sleeping - if only it were possible to see her. Alexstrasza's sister has long been trapped in the Emerald Nightmare. Now out of her sleep she was able to participate in the fight against Ragnaros and his elements, as well as the forces of Death Wing.

Eranikus: Consort of the Dreamer, Eranikus accompanied one of the guardians of the fragments of the Scepters of the Changing Sands, which was used to open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj. He was sent by Ysera to the sunken temple to counter the trolls trying to bring Hakkar back to life, however, Eranikus and the other dragons failed in the face of troll curses and their corruption. Saved by the mortal races, he emerged from his torpor shortly before the Cataclysm to participate in the war against the nightmare of Emerald in which he lost his life.


The Dragons of the Nightmare: beloved of Ysera, and among the most effective dragons of Green Flight, Lethon, Ysondre, Taerar and Emeriss kept the four portals leading to the Emerald Dream; however, as corruption spread in the Dream, its guardians were also hit, attacking all those who approached them. With the exception of Ysondre, they are all dead.

Valithria Marcherêve: this daughter of the Lady of Dreams skimmed the Desolation of the Dragons when the Plague attacked her. For a long time, no one knew what had happened to him, but the progress of the Ash Verdict in the Citadel of the Ice Crown revealed a horrible truth: Valithria had been killed, and was to be transformed into a fearsome undead dragon. But it soon became clear that the dragon was still alive, although it was dying. The adventurers affiliated with the Ash Verdict then defended Valithria while she was being cared for, which saved her.

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