The Fire Dragon: All About Him

The Fire Dragon: all about him -

The Fire Dragon: All About Him

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If you landed in the dark cave of the Dragonyz site, it's most likely because the dragon theme inspires you. If there is one animal whose power can be a source of inspiration, it is this one.

In today's article, we propose to tell you about a particular dragon. It's about the fire dragon. Have you ever heard of it? Did you know that there are marked differences between the different dragons?

If you find out with this article, then you can roll up your sleeves because we have a lot of work to do. We're going to paint you a terrible picture of this overpowered dragon. We will also talk about the characteristics you might find in someone whose sign is in the Chinese horoscope.

So, ready to challenge the beast? Let's do it! Let's do it!


1. A Dragon that spits fire

As you will have guessed from its very explicit name, the Fire Dragon is a dragon that spits... fire.

It would have been a little surprising if he spit toothpaste with a name like that, we agree! Spitting fire is its main characteristic. It is also what makes it one of the most powerful dragons in the bestiary.

2. How does he spit fire?

For some dracology experts, this phenomenon has long been debated: How could this majestic animal physically be able to spit fire? How would he be able to produce it? These are all questions that we have been working on to provide you with as complete an answer as possible.

Already, the most widespread idea is that the fire dragon is able to breathe at very high altitudes. Since it has the ability to fly, the fire dragon has adapted to its environment. The higher you go, the rarer it becomes to have access to oxygen. This is where the evolution of the dragon would have done its job to allow it to use nitrogen.

When the fire dragon was busy drinking, there would be a chemical reaction in his stomach between the different gases inhaled. This would allow it to burn a significant amount of flammable gas to order.


But if he's able to erect on command, how come it's fire escaping from his half-opened mouth? One hypothesis would be that at the bottom of his throat, there would be a small electrical current capable of igniting the gases coming from his stomach.

As with fire-eaters, combustion would take place at the last minute.

Concerning this small electrical current: when we have an idea, it is transmitted between the different parts of our brain using an electrical current. It is therefore not at all unlikely to imagine that in the case of the fire dragon, this small electrical current is simply external.

3. Why don't dragons burn themselves?

Even more relevant question: how could he spit fire without injuring himself?

Why doesn't he burn himself? Simply because the inside of his throat is covered with glands that make him insensitive to flames and burns. This is why the fire dragon is able to spit out huge flames without risking injury. Not to mention that the scales around his mouth are similar to breastplate.


4. The Flames

The color of the flames varies according to the dragon's skin color.

The older the dragon is, the more formidable the flames he spits out. It is even capable of melting steel and stone.

In other words, the fire dragon would have been the ideal companion if you were ever tempted to have a little barbecue in a slightly humid area.

5. Fire Dragon in Game Of Thrones

You certainly still have in mind a famous series that has put fire dragons in the spotlight.

Of course, it's Game of Thrones. As you have seen in the series, they are represented with a long serpentine tail and a long thin neck with a ridge on it.

The particularity of these dragons is that they tend to hide in the clouds before attacking.


6. The Chinese Sign of the Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon is one of the signs of the Chinese horoscope. A person with this sign will have very specific character traits. Here they are:

A. Ambitious
People who are of this sign of the Chinese zodiac are generally extremely ambitious and wise beings. They are also driven and motivated by success. In addition, the fire dragon provides the ability to be an excellent leader.

B. Perfectionist
They can also be perfectionists and try to maintain very high standards in their lives. They are also seductive and arrive

C. Independent
Not surprisingly, people of the fire dragon sign will be extremely independent and very skeptical of the comments they may receive about their life choices.

D. A few flaws, though!
In the defects he can count on, there is a tendency not to listen too much to the advice of others and to do as he pleases. A person who has the fire dragon sign is usually very proud and has a very high level of self-confidence.



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