Fairy Dragon, Magical Creatures Of Woods And Forests

Fairy Dragon -

Fairy Dragon, Magical Creatures Of Woods And Forests

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Fairy Dragon - Small Dragon creatures, live in the heart of the forests.

If the dragons are of very varied types, the one of the dragons is quite different. Indeed these are small sizes, almost holding in the hand, like other dragons whose sizes are in several tens of meters. Their wings are like those of butterflies or dragonflies, so they can be compared to insects.
  • Fairy Dragon

dragon fairy

Living in the forests, far from humans, they are very different in their characters being pacifist, herbivorous and not interested in treasures. They are also facetious, loving to make jokes.

Despite their appearance and attitude, they are not weak. They are powerful magicians of nature with great powers. They never use them to kill, but to defend themselves and repel invaders. One of their magic allows them to make themselves invisible and they only show themselves when they want to.

dragon fairy

However, it is said that they can be seen at the end of the day, if one of them passes away, because the sunlight makes their wings shine. It is also said that if you hear them laughing, reminiscent of the sound of a bell, it is because the dragon-fee is watching you.


  • Role-playing games: Dungeons and Dragons (Wizards of the Coast), Pathfinder (Black Books)
  • Video games: World of Warcraft and Heartstone (Blizzard)

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