Fafnir: the Dragon Guardian of the Treasure - Norse Mythology

Fafnir, Norse Mythology -

Fafnir: the Dragon Guardian of the Treasure - Norse Mythology

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Story of Fáfnir The Dragon

Fáfnir is the son of the magician Hreidmar, the greedy king of the dwarf people, and the brother of Regin and Ótr, who will only take the form of a dragon after he has seized his father's treasure by force.


According to legend, the gods Odin, Loki and Hœnir killed an otter with one stone before going to Hreidmar's house to offer to share its meat - a meagre meal for four people, but let us praise the intention. However, a twist! Hreidmar recognizes in the animal his unfortunate son Otr, who enjoyed fishing in the form of an otter and who will not have lasted long in our history. With the help of his two other sons, Fáfnir and Regin, and thanks to powerful chains known to be unbreakable, he imprisoned the three murderers.


Then he demands as a repair a quantity of gold that would fill and completely cover the skin of the otter, made extensible by a spell. Loki is sent to find a treasure that is sufficient and seizes the fortune of the dwarf Andvari. Among them is a ring that the latter enchants, before giving it away, to make it mortal to anyone who possesses it. The gods thus pay their debt, without hiding Andvari's curse.


But money divides the dwarf family and Fáfnir and Regin, eager to seize the treasure, join forces to kill their father. Once the forfeit was committed, Fáfnir was still sinking into greed and betrayal and refused to give his brother half of the gold. Threatening him, he forced him to flee, before going to Gnitaheid where he took the appearance of a snake and lay down on his gold to protect him from lusts. Regin, on the other hand, established himself as a master blacksmith and became the adopted father of the hero Sigurd, whom he repeatedly engaged in seizing Fáfnir's gold. To do this, he forges one, then two swords, which Sigurd breaks by testing them.


Only the legendary Gram sword, which Sigurd managed to repair after it had been destroyed, seemed to him to be up to the challenge. Following Regin's advice, he dug a pit on the path that Fáfnir used to take to quench his thirst in a lake. So when the snake crawls over the pit, the hero pierces it with his sword. Wounded, Fáfnir engaged in a conversation with his executioner and revealed to him the curse of Andvari's ring. He also warns Sigurd against Regin, who has not been spared by greed and who plans to take the gold once the dragon is gone. When he finally died, Sigurd bathed in his blood and thus acquired exceptional resistance. He then brings back his remains and cooks his heart, from which a drop of blood escapes that he carries on his lips. At that moment, he understood the language of the birds, who taught him Regin's plans to get rid of him. Anticipating crime, Sigurd beheaded Regin, ate Fáfnir's heart and kept the treasure.

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