The Elementary Dragons

Elementary Dragons -

The Elementary Dragons

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Discover in this article the elementary dragons and their main characteristics

  • The dragons of the Air

Air Dragon
The great air dragons are governed by the Sairys (pronounced Sair-iss). Their elementary color is a pure yellow, light blue, silver, white and grey...

Where they live is often hot and humid. Air dragons often have a very peaceful nature and they like to share what they know. In fact, they believe that all knowledge is worth acquiring.

As their name suggests, air dragons control the winds and can handle the air with incredible dexterity. They can even remove all the air from an area creating a vacuum that is almost impossible to fill.

These dragons are often long and thin, some have flake-covered wings and their flakes often have feather-like quality and they can have feathers around their heads, necks and legs. They govern the eastern quarter of the circle and you can apply eastern associations to these dragons.

  • The positive associations of these dragons are new beginnings, spring, breath, optimism, joy, intelligence, mental speed and renewal.
  • The negative associations of air dragons are frivolity, gossip, inconsistency, inattention, stagnation, boastfulness and forgetfulness.

Conspiracy theory

The magic these dragons control is often used to control time and weather, as expected. They are also useful in spells that blow the old one and are excellent in protective rituals as well as magic that works for mental flexibility and openness to new ideas. Teachers and students will find a lot of information with these dragons, because they can teach us to make our wisdom better known and sharpen our minds so that we can learn better.

Other forms of dragons that belong to this category are Light Dragons, Storm Dragons, Wind Dragons and Time Dragons.

  • The Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons
The ruler of the fire dragons is Fafnir (pronounced faf-near). Their elementary color is bright red, amber, red-orange and all shades of flame colors.

They tend to live in hot and dry areas. These dragons have an ardent disposition, but can be very gentle and understanding; it is also true that they can be unpredictable and that it is difficult to work with them until they know you. Once you get the loyalty of a fire dragon, they are strong and powerful friends.

Their bodies are often thick and heavy with a long snake neck. They often have wild horns on their heads and their mere presence can make the room warmer. Fire dragons are ferocious protectors and are often announced by their roar. They govern the southern district of the circle and southern correspondences can be applied to fire dragons.

  • The positive association for fire dragons is summer, sun, blood, any kind of useful fire, enthusiasm, activity, change, passion, courage, boldness, power and leadership.
  • Negative associations for these dragons are hatred, jealousy, fear, anger, war, ego, conflict and irritability.

The magic of fire dragons is often used for personal purification at any level, for energy or courage, and for the endurance needed to pursue your dreams and complete important projects. You can also use their powerful magic to help remove barriers, but once they are placed on a course, they are very difficult to stop. If you don't have a good working relationship with these dragons and use them, they can turn your spell into something destructive that will "burn" all obstacles and leave the ruin in their place.

Other forms of fire dragons are steam dragons, heat dragons, lava dragons and desert dragons.

  • The Water Dragons

Water Dragons
Water dragons are governed by Naelyon (pronounced nail-yawn). Their elementary color is pure blue, dark blue, blue green and turquoise.

They live in cold and humid areas. Water dragons have a very soothing influence and are attracted by strong emotions but do not contact anyone who lets their emotions run away with them constantly. A room can feel a few degrees cooler when water dragons visit it or you will notice an increase in humidity.

These dragons are long and serpentine and rarely have legs or wings. Their scales will have a silvery or shiny hue and they tend to have a fringe of feathers around their mouth. Many times, they appear as oriental dragons and their eyes can give them an incandescent quality.

Water dragons govern the western district of the circle and Western associations can be applied to these dragons.

  • Positive associations are calm water, compassion, tranquility, forgiveness, love, intuition, calm, peace of mind and fluidity.
  • Negative associations for these dragons are floods, storms, laziness, indifference, instability, lack of emotional control, insecurity and overwhelming grief.

The magic of water dragons is generally used to treat emotions, either by soothing them or by shaking them. You can also use their energy to help with movement or to help keep things fluid and open. You can call these great dragons to help open your psychic centers and ask their help for your divination skills. Water dragons are also useful for calm in all situations and at all levels, when you have to deal with anything that will impose your emotions, you should ask the water dragons to help you.

Other types of water dragons are ice dragons, fog dragons and rain dragons.

  • The Land Dragons

Land Dragons
These dragons are ruled by Grael (pronounced Graal), their elementary color is pure green, and all shades from brown to black.

Their homes are in cold and dry places. Land dragons are very silent beings, they will observe from afar until they are ready to approach you. Once you have made friendship with a dragon of the earth, they are very frank and will be frank and honest with you, but they are very loving and nourishing. They tend to have a crest of pointed scales on their necks and backs, their body scales often reflect the armor. Of all dragons, they are the ones who love treasures the most, and in order to build a strong relationship, you should keep a pot or plate full of coins.
 Land Dragons
The bodies of land dragons tend to be very heavy and most of them have four legs. When they have wings, their wingspan is enormous.

Land dragons govern the northern quarter of the circle and northern associations can be applied.

  • Positive associations for land dragons are respect, endurance, strength, responsibility, stability, prosperity, thoroughness and purpose in life.
  • Negative associations are rigidity, reluctance to change, stubbornness and lack of consciousness, vacillation and weakness.

The magic of the Earth dragons is a good form for building sustainable foundations, to help complete long-term goals and to invoke stability in your life. You can also call them to physical and mental endurance and the strength to accept responsibility. If you plan to do a spell for lasting prosperity and success, land dragons are excellent at it, but they expect you to work towards your goals and they don't ask them to provide it.

Other types of land dragons are stone dragons, nature dragons, mountain dragons and forest dragons.

  • The Dragons of Chaos

Dragons of Chaos
The Chaos Dragons have no rules, their color is pure black and their houses are in the original Chaos. These dragons always have dark colors that blend into the darkness. Often it will seem that they have stars captured in their scales. Their bodies are heavy and enormous. In fact, they tend to be the greatest of all dragons. They have broad wedge-shaped heads and their long tails are often bearded or pointed. Chaos dragons have huge wings that often melt into the night sky and can be difficult to distinguish. They are masters of camouflage despite their large mass and are rarely seen if they do not wish to.

These dragons are not mean or malicious, they work with us and their magic is often incomprehensible to us and goes beyond our limited vision of events. Because of this, their actions may seem cruel, but they are working for our greater good. These dragons are pure representations of chaos and we must call them when we realize that not all problems or situations can be solved with order and reasoning. When you work with these dragons, they go directly to the source of your problem and will force you to face it. This can be quite unpleasant because we will have to deal with hidden aspects of ourselves that we may not be ready to deal with, so make sure you are prepared to accept the consequences of invoking a dragon of chaos.


Chaos dragons do not act as guardians or guides. The magic of the Chaos Dragon is mainly concerned with the resurgence of lives, relationships and careers. You can use them to help you overcome obstacles, change the direction of the wheel of luck and bring about vast changes.

You can work with them to explore past lives and their magic is a particularly powerful aid in divination.

Their magic of the chaos dragons is also used to confine everything that will hinder your growth and forward movement. If you invoke this aspect of them, be prepared to leave aside everything that holds you back in your current life, whether you like it or not. This is the type of dragon we work with when we talk about "riding the dragon". Eventually during this ritual, we will have to face our worst enemy, ourselves...

Chaos dragons can also be warners of a disaster. Ignoring what they have to say can cause destruction in our lives.

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