The Dragons of the Lord of the Rings Universe

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The Dragons of the Lord of the Rings Universe

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"She fought for a few moments against the Dragon's will, but he, using his power, knew who she was and forced her to keep her eyes open. He cast a spell of darkness and complete oblivion on her, she could not remember anything that had happened to her, neither her name nor that of any thing, and for a long time she could not hear, see, or even move of her own accord. "
- The Silmarillion - Quenta Silmarillion - Chapter 21

The origin of the dragons goes back to Morgoth, according to a process whose history was lost. The father of the dragons, Glaurung, grew slowly in the depths of Angband before going out for the first time in 260 1A and being seriously wounded, thus alleviating the initial fear he had caused. Its second exit, during Dagor Bragollach, was much more terrible and ravaged the armies of Elves and Men. His effectiveness was the same at Nirnaeth Arnoediad, where he was wounded. Later he roamed the Beleriand at the head of his Orcs, destroying Nargothrond and settling on a treasure, before being finally killed by Túrin Turambar.

Glaurung had no wings but formidable powers. If its offspring could fly, it is not said if they had the same range of power; the fire spat out by the dragons could destroy Power Rings, except the One. They grew slowly but their lives were long. Three other dragons are mentioned in the legends: Ancalagon, Scatha and Smaug.

  • The Dragon Ancalagon The Black

Ancalagon The Black

Ancalagon the Black was the father of the flying dragons, and the greatest of them. During the War of Wrath, he faced Eärendil in the sky, and was defeated. His fall was so terrible that he destroyed the Thangorodrim. After the fall of Angband, just like the Balrogs, the dragons were massacred and the survivors dispersed.
  • Scatha the Worm


Scatha the Worm attacked the Grey Mountain Dwarves around 2000 3A, before being defeated by Fram, a lord of the Éothéod.

  • Smaug The Last Dragon


Smaug, the last of the great dragons, also attacked the Dwarves from the Grey Mountains. He massacred the inhabitants of the Kingdom under the Mountain, only a few managed to escape. He settled on the Dwarf treasure, before being dislodged by Thorin and Company and killed by Bard.
    Since then, the only dragon to be mentioned is the one represented in Gandalf's firework display for Bilbo Bessac's 111th birthday. A few years later, the same Gandalf told Frodo that there were no large dragons left in Middle-earth since Smaug's death.

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