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Many people and budding adventurers ask me for information about dragons in the kingdom of Hyrule. What?!! You don't know the kingdom of Hyrule?! But if you remember, it is the wonderful world of Zelda, where this famous hero evolves.

You certainly could have walked it for hours, even days, with Link! In this article I will tell you a little more about the three dragons that inhabit this wonderful world, and in particular the opus The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In Zelda, your relationship with my dragons will be quite strange... Not really friend, not really enemy. However, you should know that they will allow you to accumulate useful and necessary items to change, for example, your clothes... Well, Link's of course!

As you will see later, the materials can also be used for other purposes. But let us return to these three mythical creatures, all of which are linked to deities. So, if you are lucky and persistent, you will find the dragons Nedrac, Ordrac and Rordrac! Let's start without further delay with a brief overview of these three dragons.


1. The Blue Dragon: Nedrac

The Blue Dragon Nedrac is primarily oriented towards the world of ice and represents the goddess Nayru in the wonderful world of Zelda. That's why it symbolizes wisdom.

As it is an ice dragon, it is quite naturally that you will find it in Lanelle's icy lands that it flies over with its azure blue. Here the climate is harsh and Link will have to be dressed accordingly in order to meet this mythical creature. Such a mission is being prepared!

Because yes, not everyone is allowed to meet a dragon! Therefore, you will have to find clothes adapted to your hero and polar temperatures, worthy of the high mountains.

After a long journey through these hostile and isolated mountains, it will be necessary to go to the top of Lanelle Mountain to discover the statue of Hylia.

2. The Red Dragon of Zelda: Ordrac

Another mythical animal, another place! In order to meet the red dragon Ordrac, you will have to go along the northern canyon, above the Ordinn Plateau. You can also meet him along the Tragite Gorge.

You may tell us that going to these places takes effort and time, but you lack it?! But who has never dreamed of meeting a mythical animal? Mythical?! Mythical?! Not so much....


Because the one you're about to meet is very much alive! Here, you will meet the most powerful dragon of all. Ordrac is a Red Dragon. It is the dragon of flames and fire. As such, he is linked to the goddess of force, Din.

Enough to offer your hero, Link, an extra challenge... as if that's all he needs! Don't wait any longer to discover this scarlet red dragon. With a color like that, you should spot it very quickly!

3. The Yellow Dragon: Rordrac

The Yellow Dragon Rordrac is undoubtedly the most courageous of all dragons... normal since it is the source of courage! And you'll need it to face this terrible dragon.

Like Zeus, the king of the gods in Greek mythology, the dragon Rordrac is the dragon of lightning.

Tough, this mythical animal is linked to the goddess Farore.


You will be able to easily flush out this dragon because it proudly displays a green color, going towards silver tones. As such, it is reminiscent of the forest dragons that can be found more generally in the fantastic medieval universe, but also in games and cartoons such as the very famous Dofus.

The dragon Rordrac travels through several regions of the kingdom of Hyrule, but you can also find it most often at Lake Fasupe. It also emerges, sometimes, from Lake Hylia. Like a snake, it moves with the greatest agility in fresh water.

This third dragon is above all the forest dragon, which you will naturally find nestled in the lush vegetation.

4. Dragons, sources of materials

You will have understood, Nedrac, Ordrac and Rordrac are spirits in the form of dragons.

You will be able to discover them at certain specific times of the day and night, and only in certain places.

Link, your hero, must shoot one or more arrows at them in order to obtain scales. From then on, you will have materials that can be used in the kitchen, or that can improve certain pieces of equipment for the big fairies.

In addition, if Link deposits a scale of Ordrac in the source of the force, a door will open, revealing a sanctuary with an extreme test of strength. With each dragon passage, it is possible to obtain only one material. It is necessary to wait a full day for a new dragon to appear, in its place of origin, and thus obtain a new material.


5. The loot released by the Dragons

Depending on which part of the Dragon's body is affected, Link obtains a "treasure":

  • If it is the horn / crest, it obtains the "Horn Shard" treasure (bonus of a Maximum duration),
  • If it is the fangs / mouth, it is the "Croc's Shard" treasure (high duration bonus),
  • If it is the claws / legs, he wins "Claws" (bonus of an average duration),
  • If it is the rest of the body, it collects "Scale" (low duration bonus).


6. Different interpretations of the presence of dragons in the kingdom of Hyrule

Each dragon is the guardian of a source. The three sources represent the three parts of the triforce:

  • Ordrac is the guardian of the source of the force,
  • Nedrac is the guardian of the source of wisdom,
  • Rordrac is the guardian of the source of courage.

Some believe that these three dragons are reincarnations of the three legendary goddesses of the kingdom of Hyrule, or perhaps of their original form.

Others believe that these three dragons are there to protect the three most important sources in the region.

As you will have understood, several interpretations are possible in this fabulous universe.


To find out for yourself and make your own opinion, all you have to do is sit comfortably behind your video game console. And then to go for hours in search of the story of the dragons, the goddesses, the enchanting and adventurous universe of Hyrule.

Enough to have a good time and immerse yourself a little more in the world of dragons with a lot of attention and delight.

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