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Dragons in Harry Potter

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The incredible universe imagined by JKR in the famous Harry Potter Saga, is populated by magical, impressive and sometimes even frightening creatures...

Between goblins, centaurs, werewolves and other manticores, the wonderful world of wizards is often like a nightmare for the most sensitive among us!

Fortunately, we will not dwell on all these creatures today. Indeed, that's not the subject of this blog! We are here to discover more about a particular creature: the dragon!

So, are you ready to know all the specificities of the dragons present in the best-selling saga around the world? Let's discover the Dragons in Harry Potter!


1. Dragons in Harry Potter: the different species

The universe imagined by the author is immense and the story could not be satisfied with a single dragon. Throughout the different chapters, the characters face several dragons. In the course of this reading, we meet about ten different species.

A. Dragons in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Let's start by quoting the four species you certainly remember. These are the four dragons present in Volume 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In the latter, the Three Wizards Tournament takes place and aims to put in competition a student from each wizard school. One of the steps is to steal a golden egg that hides among real dragon eggs. Of course, these eggs are protected by... a dragon.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-dragon

During this tournament, not three, but finally four students participate. Each of them will have to dodge a different dragon. So here are the first four Dragons in Harry Potter!


  • The first species comes from China, it is the Chinese Boutefeu (lion dragon). It is a dangerous dragon since one of its favorite meals is human. It is Viktor Krum who faces him during the competition and he does quite well because he manages to get the golden egg back.
  • The second fire-eater is the Welsh Green, which Fleur Delacour must face. Unlike the previous one, this dragon usually avoids human beings. However, he will have no choice but to protect his eggs from the hands of the champion of the French witchcraft school, Beauxbâtons.
  • The third dragon is the Swedish short-nosed dragon. This dragon is not normally accustomed to meeting human beings since it lives in a remote region. However, it is no less dangerous. The flames it produces can reduce wood or even bones in just a few seconds... Cedric Diggory must face it.
  • Finally, the dragon Harry Potter must fight is by far the most dangerous: the spiked magyar. We can guess that he is considered the worst of dragons just by looking at him. He has an unwelcoming, but rather frightening appearance. It's a kind of big lizard that spits fire, so we don't really want to get close to it.

spiked magyar

B. The other Dragons in Harry Potter

During these adventures, Harry will meet other dragons. Some are also simply mentioned by some characters. So these are the other six species that inhabit this world. 

  • The Romanian Cornelongue is a threatened species mainly because of the traffic of dragon horns (we will see it later!). There are still some in the largest dragon reserve that serves as study grounds for wizards.
  • One of the two species native to Great Britain (with Welsh Green) is the Black Hebrides. It generally attacks deer and other deer.
  • In another style and much smaller, the Peruvian Tooth Fairy. It is the smallest dragon in existence. He likes human flesh. So you have to be careful, what is small is not necessarily cute.
  • In contrast to this small dragon, let's now look at the largest dragon in the saga: the Ukrainian Pansedefer. This one requires intense monitoring to avoid the major inconveniences it could cause.
  • The last two dragons we are finally interested in are respectively the rarest and most beautiful in J.K. Rowlings' universe: the Norwegian Crested and the Opaloeil from the antipodes. The first is best known in history as the dragon race that Hagrid raises. The second one only appears in Fantastic Animals.


 2. The role of the dragon in the wizard's world

We have just listed the different Dragon species present in Harry Potter. We mentioned one of the roles played by these big beasts in history, but dragons are not just used for inter-wizard school competitions, far from it!

A. Guardian dragons

A large proportion of them live in the world's largest dragon reserve. They are observed and studied by witches like Charlie Weasley. It is better to be an experienced wizard to dare to approach a dragon.

In addition, some dragons are used as guardians. We choose them in order to be sure to protect what we want to hide. Evil wizards only have to behave!

If today, at the time of Harry Potter, dragon breeding was banned, this was not always the case. In the past, they were raised for the purpose of selling them, or only parts of them, for magical purposes...


B. Dragon in potions 

The dragons in Harry Potter often find themselves in magic potions, unfortunately for them.

And yes, these fearsome creatures are endowed with horns, skin or teeth that suit the most knowledgeable wizards. Thus, throughout their epic journey, Harry Potter and his comrades encountered dragon-based potions or chopsticks made from dragon parts.

For example, the use of ventricles and dragon hearts to make magic wands. This gives them great power. Hermione, Lucius Malefoy or Bellatrix Lestrange all have a wand made of dragon's ventricle.

The blood that these ventricles and dragon hearts contain has magical properties. There are reportedly twelve, including pain reduction. Dragon meat is sometimes applied to wounds to soothe aches and pains. Dragon liver is also used as a treatment.


Dragon eggs are also magical. These are monitored products and cannot be traded, under penalty of a sanction by the Ministry of Magic.

Dragon skin (and you may not be surprised) is used to make protective clothing or accessories. This skin is very strong and resistant to many magic tricks and spells. This makes it a very interesting element for a wizard.

The Romanian Cornelongue has, as its name suggests, horns. These dragon horns are first reduced to powder, before ending up in magical potions.

Hungarian Horntail

3. Amplify your Magic powers

You now know everything there is to know about the Dragons in Harry Potter. You were able to discover different species and see how they were used in this magical world.

We must admit that their lives are not always enviable among wizards. The dragons were even rather badly treated, especially during episode 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

In order to calm everyone down, the film's production wanted to specify in the credits at the end that no dragons had been injured during the shooting. We are reassured!

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