Dragons in Chinese Astrology

Dragons in Chinese Astrology -

Dragons in Chinese Astrology

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You probably know, Chinese astrological signs are represented by animals. Indeed, each year corresponds to a different animal from Buddhism.

History tells us that one New Year's Eve, Buddha invited the living beings of his kingdom to come and meet him. Among them were 12 animals: rats, oxen, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, goats, monkeys, roosters, dogs and pigs. The anecdote develops that to thank them, Buddha dedicated a year to each of them. Children born under the sign of a particular animal would thus inherit their characteristics.


First of all, know that the dragon occupies the fifth position in the Chinese horoscope. He is the only imaginary animal in this horoscope.

We also note that the Chinese calendar is based on Chinese astrology. And, for your information, the last year of the dragon was 2012 and the next one will be 2024.


Discover the Dragon's profile without further delay. Truly, you will understand why this sign is so special.

1. Character of the Dragon

A. The qualities of the sign of the Dragon

Of the 12 signs in Chinese astrology, the dragon is definitely the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac: it has the greatest vitality, and is the one with the greatest energy. He is overflowing with health and activity.

In their image, dragons are by nature valiant people, courageous, full of tenacity and intelligence. Thirsty for enthusiasm and confidence, they like to take risks and are not afraid of challenges.

Symbolized by true generosity, the dragon's mentality is based on sharing. Everyone's accomplishment is at the centre of their priorities, so one hand will always be extended to others. His thoughts are the opposite of hypocrisy: he will prefer a good, frank and lively discussion to taboos.


B. The dragon and its defects

Nevertheless, the dragon's natives are just as well known for their faults... especially for their firmness and irascibility (anger).

They are considered to be ardent, "all fire, all flame" as we like to call it. Whole beings" who intend to live without worrying about constraints (this can also be a quality) and who are thus able to ignite at any time.

Hyperactive in nature, the dragon is characterized by a lack of self-control: it sometimes has great difficulty staying focused on a routine task. Particular attention to a specific criterion will require a significant effort. It is this specific aspect of his personality that is most constraining to him. This will give him a lot of energy without focusing on his priorities.

It should be noted that his anger is very frightening. The dragon has great difficulty containing his emotions, which can... sometimes... cause a real outburst of anger.


2. The dragon and love

The dragon rarely loves, but he will never have disappointment or heartache. As you may have understood, the dragon is passionate, whole and constantly in search of intensity and adventure. He lives life at 1000°... or rather at 100%!

On the love side, a dragon is enough for itself. However, his astrology points to a character who will do anything for the one chosen by his heart. Also, he will need a being who will be able to admire him at his true worth. The dragon does not want to be the ordinary mortal, he needs to be worshipped, admired... venerated!

Behind this abrupt and proud facade, there is a real sentimentality.

Always seeking perfection, he will not tolerate a lack of requirements. Forget this notion of passivity, the dragon is the actor of his life.

Moreover, he often finds himself in a situation of hesitation, facing two options: to invest seriously in the relationship he has with his partner or, on the contrary, to be reluctant to accept to commit himself for good. Truly, a dilemma that is perfectly suited to its image.


3. The dragon and work

The natives of the Dragon Sign love challenges and are never afraid to commit themselves, despite the risks. As you have understood, the dragon needs to engage in an active life of general interest.

They feel the need to test themselves, to understand and to lead their lives at a frantic pace.

Professionally, it is said that dragons have good careers in various fields such as journalism, education or other legal professions...

The natives of the dragon are then referred to as ambitious beings, capable of doing anything to achieve his projects and desires. His wishes are based on concrete ideas that cannot be altered.

The Dragon likes to enjoy freedom, and not to be controlled or directed. He acts on his own behalf and at his own pace. Nevertheless, it remains very reactive! Thus, he can be a very good entrepreneur. Speaking easily and with a natural charisma, he will be able to lead and convince anyone who approaches him.

As he likes to be autonomous, management jobs are made for him. On the other hand, he will not develop as an employee. The directional hierarchy can be a real problem for this character of character. His strong personality is not just an appearance, and can never be buried by anyone.



4. Extend your passion for astrology

In this article, we have given you a wide panorama of the dragon in Chinese astrology. To extend this passion, we invite you to discover the dragon decoration

Finally, it should be noted that in China, it is said that the dragon brings 4 blessings: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.

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