Dragon's Dogma, the TV serie adaptation animated by Netflix

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Dragon's Dogma, the TV serie adaptation animated by Netflix

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The film and series platform continues not only its production of animated films, but after Castelvania, continues in the adaptation of video games.

This time it's Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's RPG,' s turn to be in preparation for the Netflix catalogue. A new exclusivity that the platform offers itself, in an adaptation that will be realized by the Sublimation studio, specialized in cell-shading.

Dragon's Dogma, Soon a series of anime by netflix


For those who don't know Dragon's Dogma, in the game a knight releases a monster after defeating a chimera. Subsequently, in a fishing village, a resident of the village (a man or woman depending on the player's choice) is attacked by a dragon. The creature recognizes in the character the chosen one and who devours his heart, transforming him into an Insurgent, a being destined to kill him.
The game having known a certain success by its universe and its history, we can expect a very good series. However, we still don't know how many seasons and episodes it will count, or when it will be released (but we can think of 2020).

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