NIDHOGGG the Dragon of Norse Mythology and Vikings

Dragon Nidhogg, Norse Mythology -

NIDHOGGG the Dragon of Norse Mythology and Vikings

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  • A snake of northern myths, Nidhögg is a dark creature of Niflheim.

Introduction of the Dragon Nighogg


Existing since the dawn of time, the Nidhögg (Niddhöggr or Niohöggr), whose name means the one who strikes with ferocity, is a gigantic snake (sometimes called a dragon) hiding in the roots of the Yggdrasil world tree. One of them, emerging from the kingdom of the eternal ice of Niflheim, the Nidhögg mostly lurks in the icy mists that cover this world.


He is described as a huge snake with countless tails. Dreadful, it devours in Niflheim the bodies of those who perished there, the killers, liars and those condemned for adultery. However, eating them always ends up causing him stomach pains, so to soothe them, he eats Yggdrasil's roots. Threatening the tree-world that sustains the universe, the three Norns, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld water the roots to heal them every day.

"Yggdrasil is much sicker than he seems,
At least more so than Men think:
Snakes gnaw at it from above, its trunk rots,
And Niddhog drains its sap from below. »
- The Edda

Its existence is not only dedicated to haunting Niflheim, because the Nidhögg is the guardian of the Hvergelmir spring from which the eleven poisoned rivers of Elivagar flow. Moreover, during the Ragnarök, it is said that he will leave his lair and travel across the Vigrid plain, from where he will take the bodies of all the killed fighters.


"Flying, the Black Dragon will arrive,
Nidhogg will rise from the depths of Nitha;
As it flies over the plains, it carries on its wings,
Bodies of naked men: now he's going to sink. »
- The Edda


  • Literature: Edda
  • Comic book: Thorgal (J. Van Hamme)
  • Video games : The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Bethesda), Fire Emblem (Intelligent System)

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