Dragon: myth or reality?

Dragon: myth or reality -

Dragon: myth or reality?

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Throughout history, men have wondered whether dragons really existed or whether it was simply a myth that was born of the greatest human fantasies.

Faced with the majesty of the dragons present in some cult series, such as Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion in Game of Thrones. And in view of the fact that dragon legends have been told all over the world and have always been told, we are entitled to ask ourselves the following question: dragon, myth or reality?

In any case, dragons, these gigantic reptiles, have always haunted the imagination and continue to do so.

1. The ancient origin of the history of dragons


As far back as we can go, dragons have always been present in myths and legends.

While it is difficult to know the exact date of the first dragon stories, it is known that in the Sumerian civilization, the oldest urban civilization (which appeared about 6000 years ago), giant snakes are already described. And it is the same in ancient Greek mythology, as well as in several other ancient civilizations.

Obviously, whether in Chinese, Indian, European cultures or throughout the world in general, many legends about dragons have always circulated. And this in various forms:

  • Giant snake or lizard with an elephant head in India,
  • Lion in the Middle East,
  • And many others...

All cultures have been nourished by these mythical stories, where the dragon's faithful friend is often a human dragon boatman.

But it can also turn out to be a formidable and dangerous enemy, spitting fire at those who attack it or do not like it.

Thus, these stories of dragons, through the ages, have permeated people's minds. And, through repetitions and examples attesting to its existence, the reality of the dragon has been created. But what is really going on? This is what we will see in this article.

2. What does science say about the existence of Dragon ?

existence of Dragon

Science has done extensive research to demonstrate the real (or not) existence of the dragon's existence.

But despite all the efforts of the researchers, it seems that the dragons never existed. Indeed, no tangible, physical or concrete evidence has been found so far.

The dragon is an assemblage of different members of primates:

  • The reptilian body of the snake,
  • The wings of the eagle,
  • The cat's legs and fangs,
  • And many others......

... it would therefore seem that dragons are fantasized mythological creatures, rather than a reality that would be confirmed through the existence of historical evidence.

That said, we can see that the dragon looks strangely similar to the dinosaurs of the Ice Age. In the Mesozoic era (from -252 to -66 million years ago), the latter ruled as lords on the planet. But no fossils have been found thanks to archaeological excavations to prove the existence of these legendary creatures that populate the imagination of all peoples and cultures.

Wouldn't the dragon finally be a mixture of man's fascinations and fears? Namely, the symbol of evil for Westerners, especially as described in the biblical Leviathan. Or the other way around: the embodiment of happiness, prestige, wisdom and luck for Asians. This is particularly the case for the Chinese Dragon.

3. What we know about dragon today?


Today more than ever, dragons, these legendary and majestic creatures to whom great cult series have given new life and consistency, arouse admiration and ecstasy.

It doesn't matter if dragons existed or not, because the most important thing is that they fascinate our imagination, nourish and enrich it.

The various representations, accessories on dragons, cult series and all possible drawings on these imposing creatures can help you in your quest for infinite and timeless beauty.

It is important to remember that no matter what we say, dragons are now eternal beings, who will never disappear from our minds, from our dreams...

If you are in love with this divine splendour and are dazzled by what it represents, it is up to you to imagine this being and make it your loyal companion.

To experience this feeling of intense pleasure that makes your adrenaline go up, all you have to do is believe strongly in the existence of your faithful friend. Finding him an ideal dragon name that will unite you with him and make you inseparable. Indeed, thanks to the name you give him, you will take his full control and communicate with him. So, when you need him, even without calling him, he will come back to help you.

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