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A former banker in Maricopa County, Arizona, 55, did not hesitate to take extreme measures to transform the man he was into a woman and then into a "Dragon Lady". Born Richard Hernandez, he is now transgender. Her name is Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa - or Tiamat, who is the queen of dragons in the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Tiamat likes to describe himself as a mythical animal

She has a face covered with tattoos, a forked tongue, as well as several other surgical changes such as eye staining, the addition of horns on her forehead, and the modification of her nose. Her last operation was the removal of her ears, which she says brings her even closer to her dream of being a "dragon".


 Here is a list of the modifications made by Tiamat, the dragon lady:

Characteristics of the dragon

  • Stained green sclera (the white part of the eye), which Tiamat calls his "green eyes of death."
  • Horn implanted on his skull.
  • To look like a mythical creature, her face is filled with tattoos and scarifications.
  • A large part of Tiamat's body is filled with tattoos that look like reptilian scales.
  • A forked tongue just like the freak show
  • Dental extraction.
  • Modification of the nose by an esthetic surgeon. 
  • Tiamat claims to be the "first person to have two ears cosmetically removed".


Above you can see a picture of Richard Hernandez holding his son Marcos in April 1997. Although he looks like a normal man, he was already transforming himself. Today, she has chosen to live and assume her personality as a Dragon Lady.

The journey to become a mythical beast has been long and costly. To date, Tiamat has paid more than $60,000 to carry out its transformations.


Eva regularly attends tattoo conventions. She shared a series of before and after photos showing her transition from man to woman and from woman to "Dragon Lady", from 1990 to 2016.



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