Ao Guang, Dragon King of Chinese mythology

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Ao Guang, Dragon King of Chinese mythology

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  • As part of one of China's great dragons, Ao Kuang is the most powerful.


In Chinese mythology, four dragon kings, Ao Kuang (or Ao Guang), Ao Shun, Ao Jun and Ao Ch'in rule the four seas surrounding China, but also all the rivers under the direction of the Emperor of Jade. Of all, Ao Kuang who rules the East (or Eastern) Sea is the most powerful, commanding the other dragons.
  • Description of the Dragon King

Ao Guang-dragon-king

Representation of Dragon King Ao Guang by the SMITE video game license.

Ao Kuang is a blue or green dragon, representing the spirit of spring, that lives at the bottom of the ocean, in a crystal palace inaccessible to humans. The site is guarded by an army of crabs and shrimps, let's be clear, in uniform.

Ao Kuang or Ao Guang

Like his brothers, his anger is feared because he can create storms, lift water or lower it. Thus, floods, droughts and their consequences are attributed to him and his brothers and to the fact that their anger has been stirred up. Few people seek to provoke them because they are so feared and despite the fear they inspire, they are equally loved. He is a wise being and can show great kindness, so he is respected and many offerings are made to him.

  • Sun Wukong and Ao Kuang's magic wand


The most famous of those who opposed him was Sun Wukong the king of monkeys, who went to see him to get a weapon. Faced with Sun Wukong's character, Ao Kuang wanted to trap him and offered him his magic wand, his heaviest weapon that supported his palace. Sun Wukong understood that the weapon was magical and that it had to be able to change size, not to be transported if necessary. He asked the object to change size to that of a needle and slipped it behind his ear. He then fled having thwarted Ao Kuang's trap and stolen his best weapon.

The list of Dragon Kings

  • Ao Guang
  • Ao Shun 
  • Ao Jun
  • Ao Ch’in 

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