Draconite, The Dragon's Stone, Strength And Power

Draconite -

Draconite, The Dragon's Stone, Strength And Power

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The draconite

  • Dragon's stone, draconite is an object of great power hidden in their skulls.

Among the many secrets surrounding dragons and the possibilities offered by certain parts of their bodies, such as their scales or teeth, draconite is the most sought-after.

Nicknamed the dragon's stone, draconite appears as a perfect sphere (sometimes in the shape of a pyramid), white and translucent most of the time, according to Pliny the Elder. However, there are also black and opaque, green and blue ones. They are not uniform in colour but marbled with shades.
  • Draconite

It is an object conferring very great powers. Lucky charm, it repels poisonous animals and cures them of their bites, hunts the Plague in the Middle Ages, stops bleeding and has very powerful aphrodisiac virtues. Alchemists sought it for a ritual called the baptism of fire, which was supposed to allow a human to burn and be reborn from the ashes, like a phoenix.

The draconite is therefore the result of many desires, but seizing it is not an easy task, because it is located in the dragon's skull. If at first we can think that the difficulty lies in having to kill the dragon to seize it and well it goes beyond that. To keep its powers, the draconite must be taken while the dragon is still alive, because if it does not contain a part of its soul, it is destroyed. Added to this difficulty is the fact that a dragon knowing its near end may decide to destroy its draconite itself before dying, in order not to give in to its power. The best solution is therefore to manage to take the stone when the dragon is asleep.

In the East, dragons do not possess this stone, which is replaced by a pearl that they wear on their skulls. It does not belong to their own bodies, it is a treasure, their most precious, which gives them their longevity and allows them to fly.


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