The Draconian, All you need to know about dragon languages

Draconian -

The Draconian, All you need to know about dragon languages

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  • A secret language only transmitted between dragons, draconian is a mystery to scientists.

Introduction To The Draconian Language

Dragons are the most impressive beings in terms of language. Regardless of the language of the person they are speaking to, whether Elf, Dwarf, Human, Orc or any other species, they have a perfect command of their dialect.


In practice, between them, they only use their own language. Called the draconian, it is secret, and only transmitted from the male dragon to its children, from an early age.

It is purely oral and uses pronunciations that are inaccessible to men. Depending on the type of dragon and its region, the draconian has different accents.

Transmission of the draconian

Although dragons love human and elven books, they have never written their own language; the main reason being to leave no trace of all their secrets, of which their language is a part. It is a way of making all their experiences, practices and customs inaccessible to other knowledge-hungry peoples of the world. So, if the dragons were to disappear, they would take with them all their ways of doing things.


However, a legend has it that a dragon, fascinated by the transmission of knowledge through writing among humans, would have transcribed the draconian into symbols. This book called the Draconomicon would then be the only one, revealing the draconian's strings. A true Grail of dragonologists, it has never been found to date.

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