Cockatrice - The Little Dragon That Looks Like A Chicken.

Cockatrice -

Cockatrice - The Little Dragon That Looks Like A Chicken.

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The cockatrice is a particularly repulsive creature that is made up of lizards, Dragon,  roosters and bats.

It is about the size of a goose or a beautiful turkey. Her head and body are those of a rooster, but she is adorned with bat wings and a long snake tail adorned with some feathers. Its plumage is golden brown, its beak yellow, its tail green and its wings grey. Its crest, caruncle and eyes all show the same bright red.

Females, which are much rarer than males, look exactly the same as males, except that they have no ridges or caruncles.


The cockatrice attacks with the greatest ferocity everything she considers a threat, and humans are no exception to the rule. In battle, she tries to approach her opponents to touch their bare skin and thus petrify them. When they are in a group, the cockatrices do their best to disconcert their enemies, even going so far as to throw themselves on their faces in some cases.

If the sometimes fatal contact of a cockatrice beak acts through the fabric or leather, it remains ineffective against a metallic armor. This creature can also petrify creatures in the Ethereal Plane. She is more or less aware of the limits of her power and has learned to attack the parts of her victims' bodies that are most at risk. If an adventurer's epidermis is thus poorly covered, it automatically touches his skin with each attack. On the other hand, if it is reasonably protected, it has less chance of being able to petrify it at the slightest beak (10% x the character's total turnover).

  • HABITAT/SOCIETY: the cockatrice is immune to the petrifying touch of its congeners.

Its diet consists of insects and small lizards. When she hunts, she does not use her ability to petrify her victims.


It differs from birds and other poultry by its rather unusual habits and its very aggressive temperament. As females are rare, they dominate and often have more than one partner. In fact, it is not uncommon for males to play nice or fight among themselves to earn the right to enter a female's harem. These family units often nest in a cave. Such installations are permanent and the cockatrices are constantly trying to decorate them by adding as many trinkets as possible (coins and precious stones).
Females lay 1 or 2 reddish-brown eggs with rust spots each month. An egg has only a 25% chance of hatching. For those who are fertile, it takes between 11 and 19 days to see the baby leave. When he reaches adulthood, which takes 6 months, he is driven out of the nest by his parents. Large groups are most often small groups that have temporarily regrouped to increase their chances of survival.

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