7 Dragons that marked the Cartoons

7 Dragons that marked the Cartoons

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Dragons have always had a special place in our imagination.

With iconic features such as long necks, sharp claws and tough wings, they can be found in many stories and arts from all over the world. They always have a unique style, which is their own.

Let's take a look at our favorite dragons in cartoons.

1. Pete's Dragon (1977)

Pete's Dragon

Let's see: a camel's head? Validated! A crocodile's neck? Validated! Cow ears? Validated! It looks like Elliott, the beloved and adorable dragon from the Disney movie, Peter and Elliott the dragon.

By the way, we already talked about this movie in the top 10 best Dragon Films.

Whether he cooks apples with his breath of fire or scares the Gogans with his roar, he's always looking for little Peter.

But unlike most dragons that look fierce, Elliott has a charm that will captivate the biggest stone heart in the universe! If ever an adorable dragon is the guardian of your house, make sure you don't cling to it too much anyway.

2. Mushu / in Mulan (1998)

Mushu and Mulan

"The mighty, the pleasant, the indestructible Mushu." With such an introduction, how can Mushu not be one of our favorites?

In Mulan's animated film Disney, the little dragon Mushu tries to redeem himself by being the guardian of the family of the Law, by helping Mulan in his crusade.

Let him be funny, let him launch one of his classics - "I'm going to die, you're going to die, we're all going to die permanently! I told you not to ride off-track!" - or whether he is heroic in piloting a rocket to defeat Shan Yu, Mushu turns out to be a Disney dragon with real stamina.

Just remember one thing: it's a "DRAGON, not a lizard! We do not speak the same language".

3. Evil / in Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Dragon Maleficent
While most Disney dragons fight the idea that dragons are perverse and vicious creatures, some on our list lack good intentions... Knowing this, it makes sense that the "absolute mistress of evil" can turn into a fire-eating dragon, doesn't it?

This evil fairy, fan favourite, uses her powers to transform herself into a larger-than-life dragon in an attempt to defeat the brave and charming Prince Philip.

But, as in most Disney stories, good undoes evil... (Oops the spoiler...)

4. Nessie / in The Ballad of Nessie (2011)

The Ballad of Nessie

Fortunately for our friend Nessie, her story has a happy ending! In the 2011 short film, The Ballad of Nessie, this charming sea dragon is forced to leave his home because from a quiet sanctuary, it is transformed into a miniature golf course.

As Nessie travels the countryside in search of a new swimming area, she and her companion Flagada Jones, a rubber duck, are increasingly discouraged by the lack of lakes.

After days and days of crying, Nessie realized that her crocodile tears had created a large lake. She finally has her "loch sweet loch".

5. Dragon / in Shrek (2001)

Dragon Shrek

Dragons also need love. Shrek's dragon - simply called "Dragon" - ends up falling in love with a donkey also simply called "ne".

The two animals eventually have a litter of hybrid children together. The great and evil Dragon turns out to be a total love.

Which brings me to my question: would you rather do it with a dragon or a donkey? I would rather choose the dragon - a better offspring, less stench, and credibility on the street. But everyone does what they want!

6. Shenron / in Dragon Ball (1984)

Shenron in Dragon Ball

Finding the dragon's 7 crystal balls and invoking Shenron is at the root of most of the conflicts in the Dragon Ball series.

Villains such as Emperor Pilaf, the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo and Freezer go in search of dragon balls to grant their perverse wishes.

Dragons (and their ability to fulfill wishes) have a huge influence on the Dragon Ball story. The prospect of having to travel the world and receive a powerful reward comes straight from fairy tales.

Shenron was also inspired by Chinese mythology, and more precisely by a dragon with a similar name, called Shenglong or Shinryu. It is one of the imperial dragons that reigns over the weather.

In another article, we saw in more detail the Shenlong, and in general the Chinese dragons. If you wish to develop your passion for Chinese dragons, we invite you to explore the lair of the Dragon Clan. You will find there for example the T-shirt of the Chinese dragon Vintage.

7. Dragonite / in Pokémon


Dragonite is a draconian bipedal Pokémon with a pale orange skin. It has large greyish-green eyes and a round snout with small nostrils. A pair of long, thin antennas grow from the top of his head with a small horn between them.

The Dracoloss resembles Japanese sea dragons, European dragons or fairy dragons.

8. To conclude in beauty

As we have just seen, cartoon dragons can be driven by good and bad intentions. In any case, they always have a strong influence on the course of events.

Of course, there is a whole host of other cartoons with Dragons that are worth a visit.

For example, Dragons, which has been declined in the form of animated films (Dragons, Dragons 2, Dragons 3 the hidden world) and animated series.

Basically, to avoid spoiling yourself too much, here's the story: Harold and Krokmou are a young Viking apprentice and a Dragon respectively. However, the Vikings and Dragons are waging a merciless war against each other. But this will not prevent these two beings from having a special relationship.

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