Bronze dragonflight

Bronze dragonflight

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The stoic bronze flight, led by Nozdormu the Time Lord, was charged with being the guardian of Aeroth's timelines. Its members monitor these lines, protect them from intruders, and restore them to their original state if necessary. The Bronze Flight remains, like its master, withdrawn into itself. Its members are almost all based in the Caves of Time, a huge underground complex located in Tanaris. While the Caves themselves are not impressive, what they contain is of immeasurable value: portals to key events in the universe, such as the War of the Ancients or the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

Nozdormu, the timeless

This passion for secrecy is mainly due to the fact that two mysteries hover over the Bronze Flight: first of all, their Aspect, Nozdormu, had disappeared for a very long time, and no one knew where it was before Thrall's intervention which came to his aid. The second mystery, worrying for all Azeroth, concerns the Infinite Flight. They are mysterious dragons, determined to change the course of history for purposes as obscure as their leader.

The guardians of Time therefore fiercely guard their home, as well as the important events that shaped Azeroth.

Famous Bronze Dragons

Nozdormu: The Eternal is an avid collector, seeking the most beautiful pieces of all eras in order to contemplate them for centuries. By entrusting him with his powers, the Titan Aman'Thul, the High Father of the Pantheon, showed him his own death in order to encourage him to be humble in the face of the extent of the immense powers he had. Impressing even his own, this Aspect long remained untraceable, lost in the strata of time, fighting the very ancient Gods. Some thought he was dead, others imagined him as the leader of the Infinite Flight. A few months after the Cataclysm, the temporal paths were greatly disrupted, and the intervention of Horde and Alliance representatives was necessary to restore the balance. In one of these future dark futures, the mortal races discovered an alternative version of Nozdormu, who ruled the Infinite Flight.

Anachronos: heir to Nozdormu, Anachronos jealously guards the entrance to the Caves of Time, but only responds if attacked. During the Changing Sands War, he led dragons of all Flights (except black) against the monstrosities that came out of Ahn'Qiraj. He is the master and representative of the Progeny of Nozdormu, because he is his most faithful son.

Drastic bronze sanctuary

Chronormu: very few know her by this name, because she prefers by far to wear her Gnome shape. She is the ambassador of the Bronze Flight, and has therefore traveled extensively. Discreet wrestler of the battle for Andhoral, in the Western Malterres, she was especially involved in the battle against the Infinite Flight during the purge of Stratholme by Arthas. It is located at the top of the temple of the Agreement of the Rest of the Worm - among other things...

Soridormi: first concubine of Nozdormu, she assists Anachronos, and directs the Balance of Sands; she is the one who holds the fourth and fifth vials of the Eternity Well, recovered from the Well of the same name by Illidan Hurlorage.

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