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Associated with magic, Blue Flight is led by Malygos, who received the power of the mysteries of the Titan Norgannon. Malygos was Neltharion's greatest friend, so his betrayal was a great shock to him. During the Ancient War, the unleashing of the Demon's Soul struck the blue dragons with full force, killing almost all of them instantly. Malygos' concubine, Sindragosa, died alone and cold, consumed by hatred during the war.

Malygos, the Spinning Weave


After this disaster, Malygos and returned to the island of Frimarra for a long time. The help of the mag-dragon Krasus was invaluable, as he brought back from the past intact blue dragon eggs, which allowed this flight to glimpse a new future, and healed his wounds.

These millennia of loneliness drove Malygos into madness, before he regained his mind and his reflection. There was only one thing that emerged from his cogitations: any being who mastered magic had to perish in order to avoid another disaster like the War of the Ancients.

Unfortunately, this project came to the attention of the red dragon leader, Alexstrasza, who gathered a draconian grand coalition in Northrend. Assisted by heroes of the Horde and the Alliance, the Lieutenant-of-Life took over the Eye of Eternity where Malygos rested, where they defeated the Aspect of Magic.

However, all was not lost for the children of the Blue Flight: Kalecgos, son of Malygos and a major element during the war against Kil'Jaeden in the Sunwell, took over the reins of the Flight, becoming the new Aspect of Magic, and worked together with the other Aspects for the good of Azeroth. The other contender for this position, Arygos, son of Malygos, had allied himself with Deathwing, and perished during the Twilight War

Famous Blue Dragons


Malygos: the Tisse-sort, the Intendant of Magic, many titles pointing to Neltharion's former close friend. As the best manipulator of magic, the great blue dragon was responsible for ensuring the proper use of the arcana on Azeroth and the orientation of its flows, through the complex system of faults. After the disappearance of most of his robbery and his girlfriend, Malygos went completely insane. He gradually came to his senses and took part in the war against Deathwing during the Second Human-Orc War. With his mental health restored, he realized how much the deadly races using magic threatened the security of the world. Determined to assume his role, he engaged in a war against all forms of life using magic in Azeroth; however, he was killed by his sister Alexstrasza before he could complete his project.

Kalecgos: if the surviving blue dragons have not acquired an excellent reputation, Kalecgos is a good example of the opposite. Friendly, although shy, he is as good a fighter as he is a mage, like any good member of Blue Flight. He followed Malygos to the icy shores of Northrend, and the Intendant of Magic charged him with investigating the ruins of the Quel'Thalas Sunwell. Once he arrived at the Sunwell Plateau, Kalecgos became aware of Kil'Jaeden's plans to return to this world, and gave his unequivocal support to Operation Sun Broken. However, the affair took a personal turn when Kalec (as he called himself in his half elf form) fell in love with Anveena Teague, (who was actually a being made from the energy of the Sunwell channeled into a material body). After a more or less successful operation on the Terrace of the Magistras, Kalecgos participated in the attack on Kil'Jaeden, where Anveena made a heroic sacrifice. Kalec took his death with stoicism, but once the assault was over, he disappeared for a while.

Many years later, Kalecgos discovered his father's vast madness. When he died, the blue dragon was certainly sad, but he understood the need for such an act, however difficult it may be. He gathered all the members of his Flight who wanted him, and was appointed ambassador of the Blue Flight to the Worm Rest Agreement.

After the events of the Cataclysm, the Blue Flight took advantage of a rare cosmic event to elect its new Aspect: Kalecgos.



Sindragosa: During the Ancient War, the former companion of the Tisse-sort was seriously wounded by the Soul of the Demon. Realizing that her life was gradually leaving her, she tried to win the Desolation of the Dragons, where her people let themselves die; unfortunately, she could not complete her journey, and perished alone and bitterly in the icy expanses. Things could have ended there without the Arthas intervention. The former Prince of Lordaeron, now King Lich, unleashed all the power of his Frostmourne runic blade to bring it back to life. Thus the former concubine of Malygos became the guardian of the Ice Throne, but also Queen of Cubic Frost, the draconian army of the Plague.

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