Black dragonflight

Black dragonflight

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Of all the Flights, black is the one that has acquired the saddest reputation because of its appearance: Neltharion, formerly attached to the earth thanks to Titan Khaz'goroth. Corrupted by the voices of the Most Ancient Gods, Deathwing - which did not yet have that name - convinced its Aspects brothers and sisters to unite their powers to create the Dragon Soul, an artifact of terrible power, to counter the invasion of the Burning Legion. As Azeroth's defenders tried to repel demons, and the dragons unleashed their powers to protect the world, Neltharion used the Soul of the Dragon to decimate thousands of Legion servants. The defenders' joy was short-lived when the sinister powers of the artifact hit them in turn.

Death Wing, the World Breeze

After the defeat of Dead Wing during the Elder War, the black dragons became much more discreet, and Neltharion disappeared for a long time. The members of the Flight spread to various desolate areas of the world. Millennia later, Neltharion also infiltrated King Terenas' court under the name of Lord Daval Prestor. There, he subtly organized the dismissal of the king of Alterac, Aiden Perenolde. Using his charm and mental controls, the Black Aspect managed to convince Terenas to give him his daughter's hand and Alterac's crown. At the same time, he put in place a plan to kill Alexstrasza, then held prisoner by the Orcs. And as he attacked the Liege of Life, the Malygos, Nozdormu and Ysera Aspects appeared, attacking the corrupt dragon. Who was very seriously wounded, and presumed dead.

The Black Flight had not finished making people talk about it: since Nefarian and Onyxia, his two children, plotted to take power at Mont Rochenoire for the first and at Wuthering for the second. However, they eventually fell in the face of groups of adventurers before being brought back to life after the Cataclysm. At that time, a black dragon egg was also purged of the corruption that had permeated this theft since the Elders' war, Irion, the dragon that hatched from it, became the first healthy black dragon, and worked to fight against his father.


Famous Black Dragons

Neltharion (Death Wing): driven mad by the very ancient Gods, Neltharion, eventually turned against his own people by making use of the powerful soul of the dragons. As his body could not bear the immeasurable power of this artifact, he had adamantium plates fixed on his torn flesh so as not to disintegrate. After its defeat, it disappeared for millennia.

As an aspect of self-proclaimed Death, the World Breaker has irremediably changed the face of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. After another defeat against the other Aspects during the Second World War, Dead Wing, wounded, fled. He took refuge in the Trefonds, the elementary plane of the Earth, where he slowly recovered from his wounds, ready to do anything to serve the very ancient Gods and accomplish his revenge. Once healed, although bearing the stigmata of his previous battles, the Aspect of Death emerged from Azeroth through the Maelström, breaking the barrier between the elementary planes and the normal world.

The destruction he caused was unprecedented, and he almost succeeded in killing his sister Alextrasza in the Twilight Highlands. Allied to the elementary lords and certain races, he prepared to accomplish the will of his masters by triggering the hour of Twilight, the end of the world, but the Aspects and Thrall became aware of his plan. A major assault took place around the tower of the Worm's Rest Agreement, attacked by the Twilight Hammer. With his lieutenants defeated, he was attacked, pursued and wounded to the Maëlstrom, where he disappeared. What remained of him emerged as an aggregate of flesh, metal, madness and hatred, manipulated by the ancient Gods. Thanks to the Aspects who sacrificed their powers and to Thrall who served as their armed arm, Death Wing was defeated and Azeroth saved.

Onyxia: Neltharion's daughter took human form as Katrana Prestor, posing as a nobleman at the Wuthering Court. There, she gradually manipulated the human king Varian Wryn. However, Onyxia's scheme was discovered, and she returned to her lair before being killed by Varian. But... when we thought she was just a memory, Onyxia reappeared on Mount Rochenoire, brought back to life by her brother Nefarian.


Nefarian: Head of the Black Flight after his father's disappearance, Nefarian used Mount Rochenoire as a base of operations to take control of the surrounding region. In a constant struggle with Ragnaros to capture the Pic and its surroundings, Deathwing's thread has also used its powers to create a new breed of particularly tough dragons: the chromatic dragons. He was believed to have long since disappeared, before he was brought back to life by his father after the Cataclysm.

Sinestra: also known as Sintharia, she was Neltharion's concubine when he still had that name. During the Second World War, when Deathwing was reported missing, Sinestra took refuge in Grim Batol where she used her powers to create a much more powerful offspring: the flight of the twilight. She was building a terrible army when a coalition of heroes, led by the human magician Rhonin, arrived and defeated the Twilight dragon Dargonax and carried away its progenitor before dying of it. Its carnal envelope was brought back to life by the power of the very ancient Gods and it was placed in the caves under the Bastion of Dusk to watch over the eggs of this new flight.

Irion: the so-called Black Prince is extremely young, but he is a symbol of hope for all dragons; indeed, the corruption that permeates his Flight is totally foreign to him, and he even worked for the fall of his father. Today, many see him as a potential ally for the dark hours ahead...

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